Cha Ca La Vong in Vietnamese cuisine

Cha Ca La Vong in Vietnamese cuisine is the name of a specialty dish of Hanoi. This is a dish in Vietnamese cuisine made from fish (usually salmon) cut into pieces, marinated, grilled on charcoal and then fried in a fat pan,

by the Doan family at 14 Cha Ca Street in the old town kept the business secret since 1871 and named it as above.

Hanoi cuisine has long been considered both sophisticated and sophisticated. One of the most visible examples is the La Vong fish cake dish in Hanoi.

With a combination of more than 10 spices and many rich side dishes, La Vong grilled fish is an extremely famous and popular Hanoi specialty.

What is attractive about La Vong grilled fish in Hanoi?

Hanoi’s traditional Cha Ca La Vong  is made from natural fresh Lang fish. This fish has a lot of meat and few bones, the fish meat is both soft and sweet.

The way to make Cha Ca La Vong  in Hanoi is quite sophisticated and elaborate. From the stage of preparing, filtering the fish, marinating with spices and grilling the fish on a charcoal stove, it must be extremely skillful.

When presented on the dining table, a stove and a small pan are still needed to keep the fish cakes always hot. La Vong grilled fish is often eaten with vermicelli, roasted peanuts, herbs and shrimp paste. To make the dish full of flavor, shrimp paste must be prepared according to the recipe including shrimp paste,

lemon juice, sugar and a little fat from just frying the fish. This will definitely be the most unforgettable taste during your trip to Hanoi.

How to properly enjoy delicious La Vong fish cake

To enjoy this dish, first take the hot fish into a bowl, add some vermicelli,

sprinkle some fat and shrimp paste, sprinkle with roasted peanuts, scallions, and dill. Although the spices have nothing to do with each other, they blend together in a strange way. Sweet fish meat, rich shrimp paste, nutty roasted peanuts,

frugal herbs, eating like this is the true taste of traditional Hanoi La Vong fish cake.