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Top 8 Rare and Most Expensive Fish Types in Vietnam

Fish are quite a rich and diverse species of creatures. There are many species of fish with strange shapes that can make us panic when we encounter them. However, there are also many brightly colored fish species that we often keep as ornaments and keep at home. In this article, Travel Vivu would like to […]



Top 10 most unique traditional musical instruments in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with an extremely rich and diverse treasure trove of traditional musical instruments. That treasure was formed throughout the journey of life and the long history of building and defending the country. There are musical instruments created on the spot with indigenous characteristics, there are musical instruments imported from many different sources […]



Top 10 traditional Tet symbols that create Vietnamese culture

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional holiday in Vietnamese culture, and is also the time when we most clearly feel the pure beauty of folk culture. Five-fruit tray, banh chung, bamboo tree… and many other images have become indispensable images every Tet and spring. Read Travel vivu’s article below to understand more about the […]



Top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Phu Tho province

Phu Tho is a place that attracts many tourists because it is the ancestral land and the long-standing brilliant cultural center of the Vietnamese people. Furthermore, the natural conditions, especially the diverse terrain, have created Phu Tho a rich and attractive natural tourism resource. If anyone has never been to Phu Tho, please read the […]



Top 10 eco-tourism areas worth visiting in Dong Nai

No longer a strange area, to this day, Dong Nai still attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, because it possesses many attractive advantages, such as being located in a prime location. , spacious, airy, suitable for groups of friends playing team building. If you want a change of pace on the weekend, eco-tourism […]