Top 10 eco-tourism areas worth visiting in Dong Nai

No longer a strange area, to this day, Dong Nai still attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, because it possesses many attractive advantages, such as being located in a prime location. , spacious, airy, suitable for groups of friends playing team building. If you want a change of pace on the weekend, eco-tourism areas in Dong Nai are also great choices. Don’t hesitate any longer and let Travel Vivu take a look at some of the most outstanding and worth-visiting eco-tourism areas in Dong Nai.


Đá Hàn Waterfall

Da Han Waterfall is a new tourist destination with majestic natural beauty, irresistible landscapes, charming mountain and water landscapes and fruitful orchards, so it will definitely be an ideal place. for weekend camping. A place that captivates all tourists who have ever set foot here. Water sources from Nam Cat Tien forest, La Nga river and Tri An lake create fresh, natural waterfalls at Da Han Waterfall.

Da Han Waterfall has majestic and wild beauty located in the middle of a wonderful fruit forest. When you come here, you will not only be able to return to nature, away from the dust of the city, but you will also experience interesting life experiences with wild activities. Here, young people can camp and play team building games in the most comfortable way. Diverse space and rich nature is a place where you can have fun and relax with friends or family this summer. You will be surprised by the wild beauty, singing birds, and dense forests here.

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Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is located in 6 districts: Tan Phu, Cat Tien, Bao Loc (Lam Dong), Vinh Cuu (Dong Nai) and Bu Dang (Binh Phuoc). Cat Tien National Park is characterized by tropical wet lowland forests with diverse and rich flora and fauna. When coming to Cat Tien National Park, you will have interesting experiences such as: seeing rare animals in Bau Sau, visiting the Bear Rescue Station, experiencing the living space of the villagers. Stay at Ta Lai Long House and watch animals at night.

Cat Tien National Park is one of 6 biosphere zones recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam. With a fairly flat terrain and surrounded by rivers, the climate is mild and cool. There are also many types of precious wood, rare animals and plants. On the ecotourism route, you will gently visit the creatures living in the forest. The evening tour will take you by renting a bicycle along the forest, while the Bau Sau tour will take you by tourist car. If you love adventure, you can visit by walking through the forest. If you are someone who does not exercise regularly for long periods of time or is not familiar with hiking, you should not participate in trekking.

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Tre Viet eco-tourism village

Tre Viet Ecotourism Village or The Bamboo Ecotourism Village is only about 15km from Ho Chi Minh City center. With a location right next to Saigon, this is the entertainment spot chosen by young people for their weekend picnics. With a total area of up to 45,000 square meters, surrounded by rivers and rows of curved coconut trees running along the beaches, Tre Viet Ecotourism Village bears the mark of the Southern river region. This place retains everything that belongs to nature intact with an architecture built entirely from bamboo, giving visitors a close and rustic pure Vietnamese space.

Tre Viet eco-tourism village is a place that makes tourists, especially young people, restless. In addition to the peaceful and quiet scenery, this place also has many attractive games such as: kayaking, basket boat, bamboo yacht, cycling on the river or overcoming obstacles,… all are suitable games. suitable and attractive to young people. In addition, there are super wide sandy beaches where you can comfortably play and play group games. Regarding dining, this eco-tourism area does not allow visitors to bring food and drinks from outside into Tre Viet’s area. Therefore, you can use the catering services here, the food and drinks are very diverse and attractive.

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Buu Long tourist area

Buu Long tourist area is located about 6km from the center of Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, like a miniature Ha Long Bay with a peaceful and charmingly beautiful scene. Standing from the high mountain in the tourist area, you can see the entire panorama of Bien Hoa city located next to the winding Dong Nai river mixed with the green of trees and rice fields, creating a poetic picture.

Buu Long tourist area is also known as Vietnam’s second Da Lat. This place has a majestic and beautiful wild landscape. This place is beautiful in your eyes with blue lakes, mountains, and romantic green fields. Salvia flower garden, sunflower garden, colorful flower hill, romantic bridge all create an attractive tourist area, attracting tourists. Buu Long tourist area also has many ideal check-in locations for young people who love taking photos such as: Long An lake, love bridge, sunflower fields.

Buu Long tourist area also owns many attractive entertainment games and thrilling games that challenge the courage of visitors, such as: electric cars, roller coasters, UFOs, parks. Dinosaurs, Secrets of Ancient Loa Citadel, 7D/12D Cinema,…

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Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area

When hearing the name of Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area, many people will probably think this is a fruit garden, but when you arrive, you will be surprised by its breadth and great beauty. Going deep inside are vast, extremely cool green grass lands. There are many animals here that you can visit. Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area is a perfect place for families, you can come and play games such as ostrich riding, grass skiing,… Food in the tourist area is considered quite normal, We recommend that you prepare food for camping.

After tiring days of work and study, you can come to Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area to participate in new and exciting games, such as grass skiing, Ostrich riding, Central Highlands Elephant riding, fishing. Crocodile, basket boat rowing, kayaking, paintball shooting,… And especially, the children’s garden with many new and exciting games that attract children such as: painting, painting statues, electric cars, roller coasters , cable swing… The swimming pool here is designed according to international standards with beautiful scenery and clear blue water.

In addition, at Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area, you can ride a bicycle or electric car around Huong Giang Lake, Mau Tu Lake, Hoai Nam Lake,… to feel the cool breeze and atmosphere. fresh, watch the fish playfully playing with each other, see the orchid garden, bamboo garden, bonsai pots, green grass, Thao Nguyen square, especially children will enjoy visiting and taking pictures with Rare animals of Mango Garden Zoo are imported from all over the world such as: Bengal Tigers, Hyenas, Black Leopards, Moon Bears,… along with rare birds such as: Hornbills, Eastern Peacocks Ocean, Eagle, Giang Sen, Flamingo, 7-color Pheasant, South American Parrot, Giant Sea Elephant fish, White-finned Shark,…

Vuon Xoai eco-tourism area owns a system of different large and small restaurants with reputable names such as: Mau Tu restaurant, Vu Nu restaurant, Sim Doi, Ngoc Diem, Hong Nhung, Bo De Tree, Buffet restaurant,… Professional, hospitable staff, serving organizations, companies, and schools with up to thousands of guests with delicious dishes such as Ostrich meat specialties, Crocodile meat,…

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Ó Island tourist area

O Island tourist area is two islands located in the middle of Tri An lake. To get to the island, you will have about 45 minutes to travel by boat or canoe in the characteristic blue color of Tri An Lake’s water and sky, and this will certainly be a memorable experience for the journey.

With a fresh, airy space, the entire Eagle Island tourist area is suitable for many relaxing recreational activities such as cycling on the roads around the island, organizing picnics, camping and having campfires overnight. … Both islands are suitable for group fun activities. In particular, you must note that there is no food sold on the island, so you need to prepare everything fully before going to the island.

Coming to the Eagle Island tourist area, you can choose a hotel to rest or camp separately from the crowded area. There’s nothing better than spending a night on an island with no one around, camping and making a fire. Mark your youth here because currently the tourist area is covered with green long grass hills, fruit gardens on the island with rambutan, durian and mango have also come to fruition; Surrounding the island is a carefully maintained rose fence with many flocks of butterflies gathering here.

The resort of O Dao tourist area is a 3-star resort with quality service and standard rooms, especially without increasing room prices on holidays. You can choose the type of house or room that suits your needs, desires and budget. The island has a variety of options for you, such as resorts, bungalows, deluxe containers,… Most room types and houses include buffet breakfast for 2 guests in the room and hotel amenities: tram. 2 islands, swimming pool, restaurant.

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Giang Dien Waterfall eco-tourism area

Giang Dien ecological area complex is designed into many beautiful works and landscapes that attract tourists every year. In particular, this place is also associated with the legend of the couple’s eternal love. Giang Dien waterfall eco-tourism area is formed by three waterfalls: Chang waterfall, Nang waterfall and the waterfall itself. Legend has it that in the past, there was a man and a woman who loved each other but were forbidden and they vowed to die together to fully protect this love. The stream where the two people immersed themselves is Chang waterfall and Nang waterfall today (or people also call it Twin waterfall). Many couples traveling to Dong Nai often come here as if to pray for their love to always be strong.

After a long journey of formation and development up to now, Giang Dien waterfall eco-tourism area has gradually and continuously improved with the types of services suitable for green space, bearing bold ecological features, considered as “Da Lat of the East” and is one of the attractive and famous tourist destinations loved by many domestic and foreign tourists.

Giang Dien waterfall eco-tourism area is no longer new to young people but is always the best choice for weekend trips. Although Giang Dien is not as beautiful as the waterfalls on the plateau, it possesses white and poetic beauty, with spacious space suitable for friends and families to gather and camp. In addition, there are many amusement parks, beaches, restaurants,… serving tourists. Especially for those who like to take photos, this place has countless beautiful scenes to check-in comfortably.

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Bo Cap Vang tourist area

Bo Cap Vang tourist area is one of the most attractive eco-tourism areas in Dong Nai. The reason the tourist area is named Bo Cap Vang is because this place is always filled with yellow scorpion flowers, especially when the flowers are in full bloom. Bo Cap Vang tourist area is a small island surrounded on all four sides by rivers with a fairly large area. Besides, this place also attracts tourists with the charming beauty of green nature, making it an ideal destination for those who love picnics and exploring the Vietnamese countryside.

Bo Cap Vang tourist area is a place to relax with friends on a comfortable weekend surrounded by cool river nature. Coming here during the blooming season of scorpion flowers, filled with yellow around the tourist area, makes visitors’ moods become more peaceful and pleasant. You can participate in all the games, eat, drink, and bathe in the river comfortably. Games that you can play with family and friends such as: swinging on a rope, walking on water, climbing a boat, riding a water bike, volleyball, swimming in the river, fishing, rowing a canoe, riding a jet ski or with other people. If you like thrills, Water Blob Jump is definitely a thrilling experience. Scorpio Vang tourist area has spacious but quiet space.

With 8 hectares of perennial green trees and surrounding Ong Keo river, Bo Cap Vang eco-tourism area has a cool, green space to get back to nature that few places have, breathe in the scent of mother nature, listen to The sound of sausages whispering in the ears, the air is so fresh that everyone wants to stay.

In particular, Bo Cap Vang eco-tourism area is best known for its team building activities, suitable for groups and groups, with many interesting and attractive games and activities, such as: Tug of War. , Vietnamese Feet, Call of the Wild, Flying Carpet, Common House,… will help the group be attached to the group, your teammates are more united and coordinated.

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Thuy Chau eco-tourism area

20km from Saigon (from Tan Son Nhat airport), Thuy Chau eco-tourism area is always one of the places that attracts all tourists because of its youthfulness, dynamism and extremely entertaining and picnic activities. attractive. With a space of more than 18 hectares, even though it is only an artificial landscape, the forests, rivers, streams, and artificial waterfalls will help you temporarily escape the polluted space and daily hustle and bustle of industrial and peaceful cities. I enter a fresh natural space. With airy space and shady trees next to the streams, you will feel like you are in Da Lat.

Tourists come here mostly because they want to experience soaking in the cool and fresh spring water. In addition, this place also has a 1200 square meter swimming pool for you to freely play in. Thuy Chau eco-tourism area also has beautiful landscapes; The space is clean, spacious and airy. Therefore, this is also an ideal place for you to bring food and drinks to organize an outdoor picnic, or organize a birthday party with family or friends. You will have wonderful moments of relaxation and rest with family and friends during the weekends. The food here is also a mark in the hearts of tourists because the price is reasonable and the taste is extremely delicious.

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Suoi Mo Park

Suoi Mo Park is an eco-tourism area you cannot miss when traveling to Dong Nai. Located only about 100km from the center of Saigon, this place attracts young people to organize fun picnics and is also a place for families to choose to rest and enjoy the cool green space. every weekend.

With a lake surface area of over 150,000 m2, clear blue water flowing from underground water all year round, Suoi Mo Park is a gift that nature bestows on this mountainous plain region. Suoi Mo, a picture of nature. The perfect nature with the mountains in the distance appearing in the morning or mist falling in the afternoon. The small streams of this land heavily influenced by volcanoes weave through the rocks, pouring into the cool, sweet lake. The skillful hands of humans try to retain the most natural and pristine features possible. This is a natural freshwater lake that is blocked to create the largest swimming pool in the Southeast region, making you feel like you are bathing in a lake. Sea of fresh water in the forest.

Leave the heat and dust of the streets, come to Suoi Mo Park to immerse yourself in the fresh green nature while relaxing with a variety of fun and entertainment activities such as: enjoying the summer sea air like Just like a miniature island at the ice cream oasis, or get lost in the quiet, incredibly poetic space of the sunflower field, freely feel the peace of nature at the natural swimming pool,… . And there are countless other interesting entertainment activities..

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