Top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Phu Tho province

Phu Tho is a place that attracts many tourists because it is the ancestral land and the long-standing brilliant cultural center of the Vietnamese people. Furthermore, the natural conditions, especially the diverse terrain, have created Phu Tho a rich and attractive natural tourism resource. If anyone has never been to Phu Tho, please read the article below to discover more of these wonderful places. Phu Tho with its rustic, sincere and hospitable people with beautiful customs and lifestyle has attracted many tourists to visit.


Hung Temple Historical Relic

The most famous tourist destination in Phu Tho is the Hung Temple relic area, located on Nghia Linh mountain, Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city. The temple was built in the 15th century. Legend has it that this is the place where the eldest son of Lac Long Quan and Au Co became king, taking the title Hung Vuong, naming the country Van Lang. As a special national historical and cultural relic, Hung Temple is a wonderful architectural complex located on Nghia Linh mountain at an altitude of 175m in Hy Cuong commune, Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province.

Hung Temple relic area is an architectural complex including Ha temple and pagoda, Gieng temple, Trung temple, Thuong temple and Hung King mausoleum. Coming to Hung Temple, visitors can not only see the architecture, design, and sculpture art, but also feel the beauty of the majestic structure hidden under huge ancient trees…

In particular, if you have the opportunity to come to Hung Temple on the 10th day of the third lunar month every year, visitors will be immersed in the rituals and spirit of returning to the roots of a festival that has been elevated to the level of a national holiday.

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Ao Chau lagoon

Ao Chau lagoon is located in Ha Hoa town, Am Thuong commune, Y Son commune and Phu Khanh commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province, 80km from Viet Tri city, 150km from Hanoi. Getting to Ao Chau Lagoon is very easy by road or waterway along the Red River and railway along the Hanoi – Yen Bai – Lao Cai route. Seen from the map, the lagoon looks like a buffalo’s head with two horns stretching out on both sides of Song Thao and Song Lo.

Ao Chau has a water surface area of about 2km² and has about 100 large and small islands covered with a dense and rich multi-species vegetation. And the highest peak is 177m above sea level. Located in the middle of a low hill, Ao Chau lagoon has a quite special shape. Looking on the map, the lagoon looks like the head of a Buffalo with two horns spreading out on both sides of Thao River and Lo River.

Notably, the water level in the lake is always about 3m deep, in some places up to 35m deep and does not dry up all year round. Thanks to that, Ao Chau’s water surface is clear, unpolluted and inhabited by many aquatic tribes: turtles, golden turtles, and turtles. Here, local people also grow many types of fruit trees such as jackfruit, grapefruit, longan, and lychee, making Ao Chau even more attractive.

Ao Chau has very favorable conditions for the development of eco-tourism, resorts, boating, and climbing fishing to meet the needs of domestic and foreign tourists. Ao Chau Lagoon is considered a Ha Long in Phu Tho. This is an attractive and promising tourism potential of the land of King Hung’s ancestors.

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Xuan Son Nature Reserve

Xuan Son Nature Reserve is a very beautiful scenic spot in Xuan Son commune, Thanh Son district. With an area of over 10,000 hectares, there are 314 species of higher plants belonging to 115 families, including 52 species of gymnosperms and gymnosperms, and hundreds of animal species, including 190 species of terrestrial vertebrates such as gibbons and civets. titmice, white-tailed red-bellied squirrel, leopard bear, birds, pheasant, rooster, and eagles on private land with Duong Son are the most abundant in the country.

Xuan Son National Park is famous for its wild natural beauty and rich and diverse ecosystem. Tourists coming here can see with their own eyes the most beautiful bamboo forest in the North along with a large number of plant species such as cassava, chestnut, magnolia…

In addition to the attraction of the rich flora and fauna, Xuan Son also has many interesting natural landscapes with 3 peaks over 1000 m high: Elephant Mountain, Ten Mountain and Can Mountain with hundreds of caves, rivers and streams such as Lap Stream. , Thang stream and waterfalls with a height of over 50m. The silver waterfall blends with the green of the mountains and forests, creating a magical and majestic landscape. When visiting the caves, you will be surprised by the stalactites hanging down in many strange shapes. Xuan Son is considered the most potential tourist area in Phu Tho.

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Thanh Thuy Hot Mineral Spring

Thanh Thuy hot spring is located in La Phu commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province. This hot water mine was discovered recently, about 35 – 100m deep. This mineral water spring is made up of gourd-shaped fractures deep underground, creating hot Sulphate mineral water along the Da River with an area of 1km. The average temperature of hot mineral water ranges from 37 to 43 degrees, the total reserve is 19,710,000 m3.

This hot mineral spring has chemical elements that are very effective in treating bone and joint diseases and skin diseases. In particular, spring water contains trace elements such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and also contains a lot of Radon – a rare type of water that is very suitable for bathing, restoring health and treating diseases.

It is not only effective in treating skin diseases, but it also has the ability to promote circulation, blood circulation, is beneficial for the heart, and helps people have healthy, beautiful, rosy skin. When people are tired, they just need to soak in hot water for 30 minutes and all tired feelings will disappear and they will feel extremely light and comfortable.

Thanh Thuy hot mineral water tourist area is one of the tourist areas with natural hot mineral springs. Coming to Thanh Thuy, visitors will be able to soak in natural hot mineral water baths from underground and enjoy moments of relaxation, immersing themselves in fresh nature.

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Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien

Ao Gioi is located in Quan Khe commune, Ha Hoa district. The stream originates from Na mountain, the highest mountain of Ha Hoa district, so there are many waterfalls, some with a height of up to 20m, creating very majestic landscapes like the fulcrum of the vast upper midland region. The solid green of tropical trees with many rare trees such as ironwood, nail, and yellow heart. Some waterfalls pour into deep blue pools of water, while others pour into sparkling iridescent pebble beaches, creating magical beauty for this place.

With a length of more than 10 km, the stream bed is thick with gravel and golden sand, making the stream water purified, clear, and sparkling with reflected sunlight. At the upstream is Tien Well, with an area of about 40m2 and a depth of more than 10m. From the bottom of the well, cool and sweet water gushes out to form Suoi Tien. The winding stream flows through many levels creating many vertical waterfalls. Along the stream are 14 waterfalls, many of which are over 20m high, looking like white curtains. Below are giant rocks with many different shapes and are assigned unique names such as Voi Quy stone pedestal, Ho Phuc stone pedestal, Dragon pedestal, Heaven’s Gate, Fairy Wing. This is also a familiar tourist destination for Phu Tho residents and tourists coming to Phu Tho.

Ao Gioi – Suoi Tien is located in the overall development of eco-tourism area of Phu Tho province but is still in its pristine form, with abundant eco-tourism and resort potential, developing all types of climbing, camping, relaxation and scientific research…

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Van Mo Waterfall

The waterfall has a very gentle and poetic name called Van Mo in Cu Thang commune, Thanh Son district. Many visitors to Van Mo cannot help but be surprised by the wild beauty and beautiful nature, but also feel the artistic space with rows of trees, rocks, and rich flora and fauna created right below. foot of the waterfall. The waterfall has many levels up to 9 different levels, but it is the connection between heaven and earth with a gentle and smooth flow. Once you reach the top floor, you will see the final waterfall with twin towers as beautiful as a desert painting. The higher you go, you will find yourself immersed in the nature of the mountains and forests, the quiet space where only the roar of the waterfall can be heard.

From the center of Cu Thang commune, follow about 3km of gravel road, you will reach the space of Thac Mo. From afar, I heard the murmuring sound of a waterfall like a young girl’s whispered story, the gurgling sound of a stream flowing under the foot of the mountains, somewhere here I could smell the faint scent of the earth, the seductive scent of wild flowers, and the sound of wild birds. somewhere it’s ringing…

After exploring the landscape, you can stop to immerse yourself in the cool spring water and rest at the stilt house to enjoy the unique rustic dishes of the painted area and organize group activities under the canopy. Forest trees often watch flocks of birds coming back to eat star fruit.

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Hang Lạng

Lang Cave is the largest and longest cave among the stalactite caves in Xuan Son, Thanh Son, Phu Tho. Coming to Xuan Son region, visitors cannot help but visit Lang cave, a natural miracle that captivates many people. Lang Cave is located deep in the heart of Ten Mountain, with a cave entrance overlooking the Muong Lang fields.

Lang Cave is one of the famous natural wonders of Phu Tho. This place is a tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors from near and far to visit each year. The cave is located along a large stream, the bulges of the cave all have a layer of yellow sand and clay. Places where stalactites have fallen over millions of years have created many shapes like thousands of Buddha statues. In addition to the cave dome, there are places that are 15 – 20 meters high and the width is also about the same size.

In the cave, there are stalactites, giving the cave a mysterious, spiritual beauty. As for the stalactites rising between the streams, they look magical and sparkling in the torchlight. The stalactites here do not tarnish into a gray color like other limestone mountains, but are bright white, and in many places sparkle The pink light rays are very strange. Once inside, you can go in groups because the cave is very large so it is easy to visit and admire.

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Van Hoi lagoon

With an area of over 200 hectares, water depth from 7m to 8m, the deepest point reaching 20m, Van Hoi Lagoon is also a destination chosen by many tourists. Van Hoi Lagoon is located in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province. The water in the lagoon is very clear and clean, with a cool blue color and a natural tinge. Around the Dam, there is a system of mountains, hills and forests of Quan Khe commune (Ha Hoa), Van Hoi commune, Viet Cuong commune (Van Chan, Yen Bai) surrounding, creating a poetic landscape.

Tourists often rent boats to swim around Van Hoi Lagoon, enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze. Here, you can also admire the natural scenery connecting the mountainsides, dense green trees, virtual living will also be a small thing. The fresh air at Dam Van Hoi will make you feel extremely relaxed. Above and on both sides of the lagoon is a carpet of vegetation with flowers blooming all year round. Seen from a distance, the natural landscape blends beautifully like a watercolor painting.

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Long Coc tea hill

Lush green tea hills, looking like layers of raspberries, create an amazing natural landscape that always attracts the attention of anyone passing by. One of the famous tea hills in Phu Tho that you can consider participating in is Long Coc Tea Hill in Tan Son. This place is also classified as one of the most beautiful tea hills in Vietnam. Long Coc tea hill is located in Tan Son district, Phu Tho province, about 125 km from Hanoi, and about 70 km from Viet Tri city center.

Standing on the top of a high hill, you will take in the fresh green color of tea leaves amidst the vast space. Not only is it a source of raw materials for production, this tea hill also creates a beautiful landscape, in harmony with nature, for the land of Phu Tho. The harmonious natural scenery here, mixed with cool green mountains and hills, will help you have many new experiences. Long Coc tea hill is very popular with young people, so it is especially crowded during the tourist season.

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May Waterfall

Along with the above locations, Thac May is also a name that cannot be ignored. This is a famous “travel” destination for many young people who like to travel when it comes to Phu Tho tourism. Coming here, you will definitely feel completely worth what you spent. May Waterfall is located in Huong Can commune, about 25km from Thanh Son district center. May Waterfall includes 13 large and small waterfalls, of which the highest waterfall is Thuong Waterfall with many columns of white foaming water.

The cool spring water has created a beautiful natural picture, making visitors unable to take their eyes off. Right from the name of the waterfall, visitors can imagine a rustic, yet poetic scene. Visitors coming here will be immersed in the pristine natural scenery of the great forest. May Waterfall is surrounded by green mountains and rich and diverse primary flora and fauna. The special thing is that not only tourists from inside and outside the province but also international tourists love the scenery here.

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