Top 8 Rare and Most Expensive Fish Types in Vietnam

Fish are quite a rich and diverse species of creatures. There are many species of fish with strange shapes that can make us panic when we encounter them. However, there are also many brightly colored fish species that we often keep as ornaments and keep at home. In this article, Travel Vivu would like to introduce to you the top rare and most expensive fish species in Vietnam


Sủ vàng fish

Sủ vàng fish also has the scientific name Otolithoides Biauritus or yellow-fin sủ vàng fish, they often live in the Indian Ocean, including Vietnam. This fish has high medicinal value, its maximum length can be up to 1.6m. The weight of an adult fish can sometimes reach hundreds or even several hundred kilograms. Fish bladders are used as absorbable sutures in medicine and are worth tens of thousands of dollars depending on size. Many people believe that eating Sủ Vàng fish will bring good luck and prosperity.

In Vietnam, they live and grow scattered in the seas across the country, but there are not many left because they were overexploited, leading to a situation of depleted stocks and making it almost impossible to raise in artificial environments. However, they are not included in the red book because they can still be caught in the wild, a rare crime!

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Betta fighting fish

Betta fighting fish originates from Thailand. It is an invincible warrior in the fish fighting arena. This type of fish has all kinds of beautiful colors on its body, and the price of this species is also unlimited. Small fish only cost a few tens of thousands each, but large fish can sometimes cost up to several thousand dollars. Depending on its level of heroism on the “battlefield”.

Betta fighting fish has an elongated, flat body that is almost rectangular in shape. The small mouth is located at the tip of the snout, slightly slanted. The upper border of the head slopes downward. Eyes large, bones in front of eyes smooth. The upper scales are medium-sized, round scales. The ventral fins are shaped like swords, the dorsal fin is located in the back half of the back. Through selective breeding, people create fighting fish individuals with very large and graceful dorsal and anal fins. In nature, the background color of the fish is reddish brown, with blue-green iridescent streaks and many red, green, and blue dots arranged in eye-catching rows.

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Koi carp

This Koi carp originates from China, but Japan is where they are loved and pampered as pets. On the body of this fish, there are colorful patterns like tattoos with many meanings. different, they are symbols of luck, success, symbolizing the fire of energy in life. This originates from the ancient legend “The carp crossed the universe and turned into a dragon”.

Through centuries of raising and breeding, the Japanese have bred and bred many different types of Koi fish. People name fish varieties based on the body colors and physical characteristics to distinguish each type. In Vietnam, long-time Koi fish owners often combine raising many types of fish with a variety of colors to bring the most good things. The colorful fish swimming will certainly make many people admire and enjoy.

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Yellow-scaled freshwater arowana fish

Golden-scaled freshwater arowana fish were imported to Vietnam from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore… used as ornamental plants with the meaning of bringing luck to the homeowner. This is also one of the most “luxurious” fish species in Vietnam today because just hearing the name makes people feel its nobility, it is chosen by many families in Vietnam. to be raised in a large lake alone, because this type of fish only likes to live alone. The price of this species is usually quite high, from a few million to several hundred million dong/head.

Arowana fish are raised as feng shui ornamental fish, so their size is average. On average, an adult fish has a body length of 20 – 70 cm, and a weight ranging from 1 – 4kg. The fish’s body is relatively slim, long, healthy and tends to flatten on both sides so it swims very quickly. This fish has very large scales, pectoral, dorsal, anal fins, and relatively long oral antennae.

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Arhat fish have a lifespan of over 10 years

Arhat fish with a lifespan of over 10 years is a popular fish in Vietnam for many years. This species has the scientific name Flower Horn. Its head looks funny like a fish, this is the criterion to evaluate the value of an Arhat fish (the more hunched the head, the more valuable it is). Arhat fish on the market often have very high prices, usually around 400-700,000 VND/1 fingerling fish. Adult fish can sometimes cost up to tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dong/fish.

Adult fish have many special features inherited from the father and mother fish, especially the sparkling colors on the body, no two fish are alike. They have beautiful spread tails and often elongated fins, eyes that are not large, and short gills. Adult Arhat fish have a size of 25 cm or 30 cm depending on the species. Arhat fish are quite active and curious, swim a lot in the lake and also like to destroy ornamental objects such as rocks and aquatic plants, so Arhat fish are often kept in plain lakes.

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Ranchu fish

Ranchu fish (Japan) is often known as the king of goldfish. This species breeds and develops most strongly in the “land of the rising sun”. The general shape of the Ranchu is very important. There must be balance between the head, body and tail. Ranchu must be able to swim vigorously and gracefully, and his movements must be gentle and graceful. Ranchu is a fairly easy fish to raise, however, raising a standard, non-bred Ranchu fish is not simple, that’s why its price is quite high.

Ranchu fish do not have a dorsal fin, have an egg-shaped body, have the ability to swim gracefully, move gently and gracefully, and have a lovely body, so Ranchu fish is the most popular goldfish in Vietnam as well as in the world. world.

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Platinum Arowana - the most expensive ornamental fish in the world

Platinum arowana – the most expensive ornamental fish in the world is also known as the king of ornamental fish and is highly sought after by aquarium hobbyists. Platinum arowanas are a special mutation in body color, similar to the albino mutation in humans, making their bodies completely white, while their relatives have red or blue skirts. , eye-catching gold. It used to cost up to 400,000 USD (nearly 9 billion VND) each, equivalent to a super sports car, depending on size and age.

Not only is it considered the king of fish, but the arowana fish is also considered a treasure, a symbol that brings luck and fortune to the family. Because of this meaning, many people are willing to spend tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, even several billions to own this unique and strange arowana fish.

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Polka Dot freshwater stingray

The freshwater stingray Polka Dot is a species of stingray that grows in rivers in the Americas. Due to different habitats and food sources, this fish species is diverse. Freshwater stingrays are ranked among the top 3 most beautiful and expensive ornamental fish species in the Vietnamese ornamental fish market. The outstanding patterns and graceful swimming figure of Sam are chosen by many aquarium hobbyists as their own pets. Because the pigtail is poisonous, you should keep the snakehead fish in a separate tank or with other fish living in the upper and middle layers of the tank.

With its unique color and feng shui meaning, this fish is currently one of the super ornamental fish with prices up to 100,000 USD/fish (about 2.27 billion VND), with many giants available. Willing to spend money to get this fish as a pet.

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