Top 10 Speakeasy style bars to try in Saigon

Are you a lover and looking for a quiet bar space with gentle music, quality drinks and especially the ability to easily chat with friends right in the middle of Saigon? If so, let’s explore some speakeasy-style bars in Saigon with Travel Vivu right here!


The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen

Located in the alley of Nguyen Binh Khiem street, The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen is both discreet and outstanding when choosing orange tones as the main facade. However, the entrance to the ATM is very small, only one person walks through the door, the path is very specially designed, walking a strange path into the yard, pushing the big wooden door is like stepping into a giant wine cellar. , ATM appears majestic, luxurious and fragrant with the smell of agarwood. The name says it all when you arrive at the right address, but in front of you is not a bar but… an ATM. The door has been made to look like a real ATM and when you enter the dark room and go through the door you enter a very cozy and cool bar. So just open the ATM door and go inside.

The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen is designed with a classic and cozy style, to the sound of fun and evening music. Outstandingly decorated with deep orange tones, combined with artistically decorated paintings. This gives The ATM a completely different impression from other bars. The staff at The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen are ready to offer suggestions on the menu or mix up a completely new drink. Spicy Magarita and Gin Fizz are seemingly basic options but leave a pretty complete impression. Another factor that makes The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen famous is the cuisine. From Vietnamese to Western cuisine, the delicious dishes here are all richly prepared to pair perfectly with drinks.

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Firkin Bar

Firkin Bar is located on the first floor of an old house, nestled modestly in the middle of a crowded city. The door is painted matte black, with only the letter “f” hanging. However, once that door opens, customers will be greeted by a long staircase leading to an impressively decorated bar space, with a dark, elegant decor with high shelves filled with decorative items. High-class wines and green walls hang very “artistic” modern photos. Firkin is one of the newest bars in Saigon specializing in whiskey, with the same owner as a series of other successful restaurants such as Racha Room, Stoker, Relish & Sons,…

Whiskey is the shop’s main dish, so the menu has nearly a dozen pages specializing in this dish. In addition to classic types, the shop also specializes in bespoke, which means special combinations made by the bartenders. In addition, Firkin Bar also has some pretty delicious snacks: Fried tuna cakes with creamy tomato aioli sauce, fried beef wrapped in scotch eggs with spicy chipotle aioli sauce… In addition to the space around the bar where you can have You can relax and watch the bartenders mix, the shop also has a large sofa area for large groups, and a small balcony if you want to sit outside or smoke.

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Layla - Eatery & Bar

Layla – Eatery & Bar is located right in the center of District 1 but does not look flashy or bustling. This bar follows a gentle, quiet style. This is an ideal drinking spot for people who don’t like noise. Located on the 2nd floor of a slightly old house, Layla – Eatery & Bar is like a hidden corner for the soul. Although the exterior is old, the interior design is very new and beautiful. The shop brings plants into the house to both decorate and cool. Layla – Eatery & Bar has a place to watch the road, watch cars and contemplate. This bar also has a position at the bar for guests to watch the bartender mix. Leather sofas for those who like softness and comfort and an outdoor area for those who smoke. The shop also has a billiards table for customers to play. There are also songs here for customers to choose and listen to.

Following the Country style, Layla – Eatery & Bar always has gentle, pleasant music. Sparkling string lights and deep brown tones make the space here warm and extremely comfortable. Coming to Layla – Eatery & Bar is to forget your worries, forget your worries and enjoy the feeling of peace. The menu is diverse, suitable for those who can and cannot drink alcohol. The cocktails are beautifully presented. The bar’s bartenders are highly skilled, their mixing methods are very professional and eye-catching. However, many customers comment that the taste of some blended varieties is a bit sour. If you’re not used to drinking it, tell the staff so they can add sugar or fruit juice. In addition to beer, wine and cocktails, Layla – Eatery & Bar also serves a number of dishes. The food here is meticulously prepared, delicious, and has both quality and quantity. The staff here are very professional, friendly and polite to guests.

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Drinking & Healing

Drinking & Healing is located on the 2nd floor of a more than 150-year-old building from the French colonial period on the corner of Ham Nghi and Ho Tung Mau streets. The narrow staircase leading up to the restaurant helps create a pleasant surprise when the spacious space opens before the eyes behind the large, heavy wooden door at the entrance. The restaurant’s interior is faithful to the existing ancient architecture inside, with walls covered in red-orange bricks and pillars supporting the original ceiling. Resonating with that is the installation of steel bars that are intentionally treated to look rusty, helping to create a modern industrial style.

Coming to Drinking & Healing, you will find nearly 15 types of gin and tonics based on the rich gin cabinet on the shelves, some classic cocktails, and a diverse spirit list including rum, whiskey, tequila… as well as other types of Another unique fruit and herb infusion (infusion) made by the shop itself. Highlighting the youthful, contemporary spirit of the restaurant, the signature cocktails here always follow the mixing trends in the area, helping to bring creative, colorful drinks.

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Inthe MOOD

Inthe MOOD is not only a simple pub but also a stop for like-minded souls to immerse themselves in a quiet space, very suitable for those who want to separate from the hustle and bustle of life out there. The restaurant has a nostalgic color, the space is designed with a cinematic and poetic feel. Inthe MOOD is called a “hidden gem” – a secret diamond hidden in the midst of the magnificent Saigon. True to the essence of a classic Speakeasy Bar, Inthe MOOD is hidden behind old floors and peeling stairs, with no signs or signs.

inthe MOOD is not only the ideal space to relax and chat with friends, but it is also the perfect place for you to explore the extremely diverse world of whiskey. Whiskey here is classified according to two different themes, one is based on the flavor of the whiskey, the other is the mood and emotions that the wine will bring when enjoying. The first group includes 5 flavors: fruit, floral, sherry, smoke, and wood – malt. As for emotions, they are Chilling Time, Classic Mind, Brave Heart, Misty Malt, and Splendid Devil ( Glorious Bastards).

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The Gin House

If you are a music lover and like “chill” moments in an artistic space, you definitely cannot miss The Gin House. Located right in the heart of the city, The Gin is a hidden place away from the hustle and bustle of Saigon. This famous Saigon bar is located in a small alley so it is a bit difficult to find. The spaces here are great. The bar’s interior is inspired by speakeasy-style bars. With a large heavy wooden door and a mysterious red velvet curtain welcoming guests at the entrance. Next, we cannot help but mention the luxurious bar with all kinds of drinks in the world for you to choose from. The light emitted from the bar is not enough to drown out the bar’s eerie darkness, but it is enough to make visitors feel chill and comfortable.

Especially at The Gin House, you must definitely enjoy gins infused with herbs and fruits at home. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this is the “mecca of gin” because this small bar has a collection of many gins from around the world. Not to mention some gins with unique flavors made by talented bartenders here. Please choose your favorite time frame to enjoy delicious, nutritious and cheap food and drinks at The Gin House.

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PK Maltroom

Closing the list is PK Maltroom. The road to this bar seems not simple but not too difficult either. Go into alley number 46 on Vo Van Tan street, at the end of the alley you will see Villa 46 Ter on the right, pass the space of French restaurant L’Ori on the ground floor of the villa, take the stairs to the 1st floor. The door of PK Maltroom will be waiting for you. The restaurant’s space is cozy, intimate, not spacious, not ostentatious, with a bit of nostalgia, where souls who want to find a little silence in life can come and sip fine glasses of whiskey. Coming many times and getting to know each other, perhaps PK Maltroom will give you a feeling of intimacy like a friend. Because the bartender is always ready to mix a cocktail that matches the customer’s mood at that moment. The two owners Phuong and Khanh will welcome you with interesting stories about each bottle of wine on the shelf, history, distillery…

In addition to classic and signature cocktails, PK Maltroom also has an extensive wine list including single malt whiskeys from Scottish regions (Speyside, Islay, and Highlands), Japanese and American whiskeys, and some other types of whiskey. other blended whiskeys. If you are a little hesitant in choosing a drink, the bartender or owner will be happy to suggest a “delicious medicine”, meaning a drink that is easy to enjoy, doesn’t have to worry too much about ingredients, and is perfect to start with. one night.

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QUI - Cuisine · Mixology

There is no doubt that QUI’s space is beautiful, it is the perfect combination of a unique culinary space and a classy lounge area. With modern architectural design, a delicate blend of East and West cultures. QUI has the appearance of a luxurious restaurant but still brings a feeling of intimacy with cozy wood-tone interiors and modern, elegant designs. In addition to excellent Asian Fusion dishes, QUI – Cuisine · Mixology also brings you a collection of premium wines and novel cocktails, along with deep house, Rnb, Hip Hop music, presented. Performed by talented DJs every night, QUI – Cuisine · Mixology will definitely meet the most advanced requirements of stylish businessmen.

QUI – Cuisine · Mixology paradise for cocktail connoisseurs. You will immerse yourself in the world of cocktails and participate in the journey of finding drinks that suit your taste. Outside the bar area, a variety of wines are displayed. QUI – Cuisine · Mixology also has an open balcony area. If you are looking for a private space to chat with friends or entertain guests, Qui Lounge also has a VIP area that can accommodate 30 people.

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Martini Bar – Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel

Martini Bar – one of the very familiar places with Saigon residents located at 2 Lam Son, inside the most luxurious hotel Park Hyatt Saigon, with a contemporary design but quite simple and sophisticated. In fact, 2 Lam Son Bar has long maintained its unique position because of its elegance and uniqueness that few bars here can match. This is also the birthplace of famous cocktail flavors that are always popular with connoisseurs. Therefore, 2 Lam Son Bar is a frequent place for many ladies and successful businessmen.

The restaurant space is designed in a contemporary, harmonious manner and reflects the classy architecture of the 5-star Park Hyatt brand. On a beautiful evening, once you visit Martini Bar – Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel, it will be difficult to resist the aromatic and seductive cocktails like the mysterious Smoky Uncle Tam or the innovative Saigon Coffee Martini. Because of its class, Martini Bar – Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel is also an ideal destination to receive distinguished guests and give the best things to your loved ones. And cocktails are the factor that adds luck and success to your goal.

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The Iron Bank

The first name to appear on that list is PK Maltroom – this is a bar located on the first floor of a house in an old row of houses in the “banking neighborhood”, The Iron Bank creates a feeling of intimacy as soon as you step foot. Up the stairs are decorated with rows of small lights and pretty potted plants. Inside, you will find a rustic, intimate space with exposed brick walls, flickering candlelight, and warm wooden furniture. If you have a little difficulty “locating” the location of The Iron Bank, you just need to look up to the first floor of house number 47 Ton That Dam and you will see the lighted sign right on the balcony of the restaurant.

The restaurant serves a variety of cocktails, divided into 3 main categories. The first is New Money, including 20 unique cocktails of the restaurant. The second is Old Money, which includes classic cocktails, familiar to wine connoisseurs. And finally, Local Cocktails are unique creations with a base of traditional Vietnamese wines such as plum wine, lotus wine, coconut wine, can wine, and black sticky rice wine. And if you want to enjoy a drink to your liking, the bartender here will also be happy to mix a cocktail according to your own request.

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