What to experience from the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train near Sapa Vietnam

Stepping onto the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, visitors to Sapa Vietnam will feel like returning to 20th century Europe like in old movies

because of the interior decoration and interior such as the warm red-brown paint color and railings.

and gold-plated handles or wooden-colored ceiling fans…

The train is 20m long and 3m wide, enough to accommodate about 200 people,

so you can freely book a tour for your family, group of friends, or company.

From the train station to the train carriages, it has an ancient European style, but as soon as the train moves out of the station,

you are guaranteed to be immediately overwhelmed with the “return” of the natural landscape of the Northwest.

with rolling, majestic mountains, streams flowing like silk across the mountains and forests, and golden or lush green terraced fields.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery from Muong Hoa mountain

Right on the tracks outside the station, guests will see both sides of the train tracks decorated with flowers of all colors and seasonal flowers,

making the rail barriers no longer angular and rough but as poetic as the land itself. Such is the sky in Sapa Vietnam.

Sitting on the train and looking down, you will see Muong Hoa Valley appear with a stream on one side,

terraced fields on the other, in front of you is a drifting fog, behind you are vast, quiet mountains and forests.

Just take a look and guarantee that all your daily worries and worries in the hustle and bustle of the city will disappear.

Going through Muong Hoa valley, arriving at Fansipan station,

you will get off the Muong Hoa mountain train to transfer to the cable car to Fansipan.

Immerse yourself in nature at the station

However, if you are not in a hurry, do not continue your journey hastily. Let’s relax a bit in the flower garden around the station! You won’t be disappointed. Depending on the season, this large flower garden has sunflowers, roses, lavender,…

or if you go to Sapa Ha Giang Tour in early winter, you can see buckwheat flowers both here and in Ha Giang!

Even though they are all the same flower, the feeling of seeing them in each place will not be the same!

Many people say that traveling to Sapa Vietnam today is almost indispensable

without the experience of taking the Muong Hoa mountain train. If you don’t come here, the trip “will feel incomplete”.

When you’re tired of the busy city and overwhelming deadlines,

contact us now to let Indochina Vacations take you back to this dreamy place!