Thung Nham, the Southern garden in the North

Thung Nam is a familiar yet strange destination for tourists

It was put into commercial operation in March 2013, but after 4 years, Thung Nham is still a new destination for most tourists.

On average, this place only welcomes about 30 tourists every day to visit and relax.

Although the number of visitors is not high, that is the advantage that creates the appeal of Thung Nham,

because visitors coming here will have a space to relax without worrying about being disturbed by noise like other tourist areas.

Located between the mountains on the edge of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh,

Thung Nham eco-tourism area becomes more special thanks to the convergence of all the characteristics of beautiful scenery.

Visitors coming here can freely experience eco-tourism with many lakes, primeval forests and beautiful caves.

On the other hand, Thung Nham is also an attractive vacation and honeymoon destination for couples with isolated bungalows.

Types of exploration tourism such as walking through the forest, visiting sky caves, aquariums, bird gardens or picnic activities such as campfires, fishing… are also very popular.

Having said that, we can see that, despite mixing artificial and natural models, Thung Nham has a harmonious combination, making visitors here feel excited.

Explore Thung Nham when autumn comes

Although suitable for relaxation all year round, the most ideal time to explore Thung Nham is autumn,

when the heat is no longer intense and thin layers of mist cover the landscape, making this land have an illusory beauty. like it’s not real. Autumn is also the time when the birds go back to their nests early to find food.

At around 5:00 p.m., visitors sitting on wooden boats gliding gently on the lake surface, passing through bushes leading to the Bird Garden near Tam Coc Ninh Binh,

will be able to watch flocks of birds fly back and perch in a white area of primeval forest.

This is considered the home of many different bird species such as storks, storks, warblers, starlings… and two

precious birds recorded in the red book are flamingos and phoenixes.

During the more than 1-hour journey to explore the Bird Park, visitors can freely take photos or row boats closer,

but it is absolutely forbidden to make loud noises that affect the birds.

Not only can you learn interesting things about the wild life of hundreds of species of birds,

visitors can also get on a boat and follow the water covered with bright pink water lilies to visit other landmarks such as Buddha Cave, Mermaid Cave.

This is a type of wet cave landscape in the heart of Ninh Binh’s typical limestone cliffs with a system of stalactites in many unique shapes.

Therefore, it is very similar to the journey to discover Trang An or Tam Coc but with a smaller scale and shorter time.

In addition to diverse underwater activities, Thung Nham also knows how to please tourists with rich experiences on land.

Many activities in Thung Nham

A favorite activity among foreign tourists is cycling along shady green dirt roads,

crossing bridges and artificial lakes to experience nature to the fullest.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the lush orchard, where you can freely pick and enjoy apples, guavas, and starfruits for free. Perhaps, this is a “unique” orchard located in a resort in the North.

It not only reminds people of the distant Southern garden,

but also of the very peaceful countryside garden of their grandmother and mother.

Although it brings tourists back to nature,

the evening at Thung Nham resort near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is not as boring as many people think.

You can light a campfire or have cultural exchanges right next to the collective stilt house area without fear of disturbing other guests.

When busy life has made you feel tired, come back to Thung Nham every weekend,

immerse yourself in peaceful nature, enjoy rustic country cuisine or famous specialties such as mountain goat. , burnt rice…