A unique “enjoyment” route in Sapa Vietnam

In the fall, if you intend to sightsee and take photos of golden rice, you should plan a cheap trip.

If before, the only option to go to Sapa VietNam was the train, but now there is the Noi Bai – Lao Cai expressway, which only takes more than 3 hours to travel.

The road leading to Sapa

This is a new itinerary that not only saves time and effort but also allows visitors to admire the majestic landscapes on the routes and explore the East-Northwest region more.

In addition to familiar destinations, visitors also have the opportunity to fully experience the Bac Ha market held on Sunday mornings.

Located in the high mountains and about 76 km from Lao Cai city,

to Bac Ha you will have to go through winding passes, the higher you go, the steeper and scarier you get – typical of the Northwest terrain.

Along the way, every few kilometers, y

ou can see a few Mong and Dao ethnic people in colorful costumes carrying baskets on their backs, walking,

leading buffaloes and horses up the mountain to sell.

Sometimes, a few motorbikes carrying people and goods pass by in time for their turn.

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Known to many as the largest highland market in Sapa Vietnam, gathering many traders from near and far to exchange and trade,

Bac Ha is even more famous for its pristine, ethnic look.

The market has been newly built on a concrete foundation, no longer on a gentle hill, but trade still retains many traditional features.

Coming here, you can find any items necessary for the lives of ethnic people,

from hoes and shovels to brocade items or even buffaloes and horses, divided quite clearly into smaller markets for easy finding. sword.

Not far away is King Cat Hoang A Tuong’s Palace,

built in the Asian-European architectural style with a closed, continuous rectangular layout. Its owners are father and son Hoang Yen Chao and Hoang A Tuong,

who are Tay people, but they rule an area with up to 70% Mong ethnic people, so they are still called “kings” by the people.

After nearly 100 years of existence over time, The moss-covered house still majestically stands out in the middle of the town.

Let’s explore Sapa with Travel Vivu

Bright sunlight slanted through the windows, hallways, and battlements, but the room still had a gloomy, gloomy color.

Hoang A Tuong Palace today near Sapa Vietnam has been whitewashed bright yellow and renovated,

causing the entire mansion to lose its deep mossy color.

But even though it has been “painted” with new colors, the house is a place for visitors to visit,

but the empty house still has a ghostly feeling and lack of human atmosphere.

Going through the long corridors, imaginative visitors will see many scenes from ancient times,

the scene of the whipping of servants in the yard,

the scene of two women and three women walking around in the room, the sound of snorting opium in the room.

There was a cloud of smoke in the small room…

Hidden deep in the backyard was Ba, radiating a magical scent,

making the house that was just dusk

empty of people and at night became gloomy and few people dared to visit.