But Sapa Vietnam in December is not just about snow

In Sapa Vietnam, December is still the time when fog covers the road. This beautiful town is engulfed in mist.

At this time, what could be better than being able to gather together to enjoy warm glasses of wine and hot hot pot?

Sa Pa in December is also the time to welcome the cherry blossom season – a flower with vibrant colors typical of the mountainous plateau of Da Lat.

Explore tourist attractions in Sapa

Around the end of December to early January, Sapa Vietnam will begin to see the first cherry blossoms in full bloom,

then gradually they will all bloom, creating a truly beautiful scene.

However, cherry blossoms only bloom for about 1-2 short weeks.

In Sa Pa, you can admire the cherry blossoms in the town center or the O Quy Ho pass area,

O Long tea hill… are all places where you can see the most beautiful flowers.

December is also the time when tourists who are passionate about conquering can go to Sa Pa to hunt sunset on O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four great passes of Vietnam.

Sapa painting in December

In the setting of sunset, the scenery and nature here seem to paint a picture that perhaps no pen can describe.

Don’t forget to enjoy many delicious dishes in Sa Pa during the cold winter such as:

Salmon hotpot, iced sprouts, bamboo-tube rice, grilled dishes…

Visit Sapa Vietnam in December for a completely different experience.

Especially in winter, admiring the poetic natural picture as well as being able to

relax into the clouds and sky, this place will definitely help you have many memorable experiences.