Experience traveling to New Zealand on your own

New Zealand – “Lord of the Rings”. New Zealand, a paradise country, has lots of kiwis and endless green fields. When mentioning New Zealand, surely many images appear in your mind. Perhaps that is why traveling to New Zealand has become the dream of many people.

Coming to New Zealand, you will definitely have extremely interesting experiences. Because this is a country with many interesting things. So, please refer to the New Zealand travel experience below, plan in detail, for the most complete trip.

When should you travel to New Zealand?

New Zealand has a temperate maritime climate, so the weather is generally cool and pleasant all year round, not too harsh.

New Zealand has 4 seasons: spring – summer – autumn – winter, but due to its geographical location in the Southern Hemisphere, the timing of the seasons is opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring starts from September to November, summer from December to February, autumn from March to May and winter from June to August.

It is not wrong to say that when you come here, Everything is very suitable for the people-pleasing climate like here.

If you have to choose the most ideal time, Visana recommends visiting this country in the fall or spring.

The temperature at that time was only about 20 degrees Celsius, sunny and warm during the day but cool at night, very suitable for sightseeing and outdoor excursions.

At the same time, tourist attractions are not too crowded and prices and costs are also lower than summer, which is the peak season for indigenous people to enjoy their vacation.

If you want to experience winter with snow and enjoy sports activities such as skiing, traveling to New Zealand from June to August is also very interesting.

Book cheap rooms when traveling to New Zealand

To get the best room rates and avoid running out of rooms during peak season, you should book a motel or hotel a few weeks before departure. Motels, homestays or hotels here are almost available on major booking sites such as agoda, booking, traveloka, etc. The resting places are very diverse from affordable to high-end, suitable for different needs and budgets.

Below are some relatively good quality hotels that you can refer to:

Aukland City Hotel ($68/night): 157 Hobson, Auckland
Auckland Airport Kiwi Motel ($75/night): 144 McKenzie, Auckland Airport
Auckland- Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park ($60/night): 463 Old Taupo, Springfield
Rotorua- The Thorndon Hotel Wellington ($55/night): 24 Hawkestone, Wellington

How to move in New Zealand?

New Zealand is known as an extremely livable and developed city. Therefore, traveling by bus is an extremely convenient means of transportation and helps you save money when traveling within the city.

You need to understand a few basic English words to be able to travel by bus smoothly.

In addition to traveling by bus, you can choose to travel by train or self-driving car. Note that if you want to drive yourself in this country, you need to have an international driver’s license. And here, the driving direction is the left direction, okay?

Destinations when traveling to New Zealand

Milford Sound New Zealand

Located in the Fiordland National Forest on the South Island, Milford Sound is famous for its sky-high

Miter Peak and surrounding dense rainforest. Interspersed with the mountains and forests are the majestic Stirling and Bowen waterfalls pouring down the mountainside into the bay – home to many species of penguins, seals and even dolphins.

Coming here, you can cruise the bay on a yacht, visit the Milford Adventure Center,

the Underwater Observatory where there are rare black corals and many other marine creatures. Each cruise costs from 45 NZD and admission to the Adventure Center is 36 NZD.

Wellington Botanic Gardens

Of all the botanical gardens in New Zealand, this is probably the most famous and popular with tourists. There is a large area of primeval forest, rich vegetation originating from different countries, a fragrant rose garden and a landscaped area with a duck pond, sculptures on display, and a playground. and coffee shop.

The best part is that entry is free here, so you can freely roam around and explore.

Abel Tasman National Park New Zealand

This tourist destination is located on the southern island of New Zealand. Although it has a modest area, you really won’t find a national park like this in Asia. You will be amazed by the clear turquoise waters and pristine primeval forests. Visitors here can choose to explore by following long trails through the forest or kayaking around the park.

The park is also open for free, but if you want to camp overnight to experience wild mountain life, you will have to pay 15 NZD and rent a tent for 40 NZD/night.


Rotorua is a place you cannot miss when traveling to the kiwi country. This is the place where Maori culture is most boldly portrayed with hot mud ponds, performances simulating Maori life and especially witnessing firsthand the process of preparing and enjoying traditional Hangi dishes. .

Kaikoura New Zealand

The coastal town of Kaikoura is located in the east of the South Island, bordering the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Suawara Kaikoura mountain range on the other. In winter, this small town is located between rolling mountains covered with white snow, creating a vast, majestic landscape between heaven and earth just like in documentaries on the small screen.

Here, visitors also have the opportunity to interact with dolphins, whales, and seals; Visit museums, historical sites and Maori Leap limestone caves.

Sky Tower

The tower is considered a symbol of the city of Auckland and is also the 25th tallest tower in the world with a height of 328 meters.

It would be great if you came here in the evening, standing from a high floor to see the panoramic view of the sparkling, splendid city at night.

Coming here, you should definitely visit the unique Orbit revolving restaurant with a very diverse food area and an observation deck on 3 different floors for a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

Bay of islands New Zealand

This is the common name for 144 islands and bays outside the two large northern and southern islands of New Zealand. It has beautiful stretches of white sand beaches and a rich ecosystem from penguins to whales, dolphins, and more.

You can experience many fun activities such as bungy jumping, fishing, kayaking, helicopter sightseeing, and more.

Natural hot water sea

A beach located on the east side of the Coromandel peninsula with sparkling golden sand,

the hot water beach attracts tourists because of the specialness in its name.

Every time the tide rises and falls, water from underground hot springs flows to the shore,

causing the sea water here to have a higher temperature than normal (about 50 – 60 degrees Celsius).

Visitors here often take advantage of this natural feature to dig outdoor hot water “bathtubs” to lie back and relax in the sun right on the beach.

Specialties you should try when traveling to New Zealand


Coming to New Zealand without enjoying grilled lamb at least once is a waste.

People often joke that there are more sheep than people here,

which means you will see lamb dishes appearing on the menu at any restaurant, even subway station restaurants.

Although lamb is served all over the world, here it is much tastier and cheaper. There are countless lamb dishes to choose from such as: grilled lamb chops, lamb steak, lamb burger, etc.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

The famous New Zealand dessert is essentially just a combination of vanilla ice cream and honeycomb-shaped toffee pieces.

But its flavor is very different, the aroma of vanilla combined with the greasy, crunchy taste of butter candy crumbs will definitely make you unforgettable.

This type of ice cream is great served with waffles, cones, ice cream cakes or added to banana boat ice cream.

When in New Zealand, go to Tip Top or Giapo ice cream shops to enjoy this typical ice cream.


Hangi – a long-standing traditional dish of the Maori people, a rustic and unique culinary culture of New Zealand still preserved today.

You can enjoy this dish during your visit to Maori villages in the Rotorua area on the North Island.

Hangi is cooked underground by placing hot stones in a deep hole, then placing food wrapped in leaves on top and covering with soil.

People will often ferment it like this for many hours, even a whole day, so when they take it out the food is still hot, soft and off the bone.


Pavlova is another typical New Zealand dessert that you must try. This type of cake is named after the Russian dancer – Anna Pavlova when she toured here.

This type of meringue cake has a soft masmallow layer on the inside, a crispy outer shell,

and a layer of fresh fruit and cream on top, creating the perfect combination, both sweet and refreshing, melting in the mouth. .

Green mussels

When it comes to seafood in New Zealand, you definitely should not miss green mussels.

You can only find fresh green mussels here, not anywhere else in the world.

Mussels are plump, succulent and greasy, rich in nutrients, especially good

for joint diseases and are also a very good anti-inflammatory food.

Green mussels steamed in wine or grilled with cheese with onion or garlic butter sauce all become delicious dishes that are hard to resist.