Explore Jeju Island weather and travel experiences

Known as the island of love, Jeju Island always surprises tourists with its beautiful, poetic natural scenery and fresh, cool air.

If you are planning to explore the land of kimchi and this paradise island, you definitely cannot ignore the weather information, right?

So please join us in updating Jeju Island’s weather immediately to catch the golden time to help you have the most thoughtful preparation plan for your trip to be more complete.

Brief introduction about Korea’s JeJu Island – “Korea’s Hawaii”

Jeju Island is certainly a familiar place for fans of Korean movies and Korean tourism.

This island is praised by many as the wonderland of the land of Kim Chi, “Hawaii of Korea” because of its quiet, wild but extremely charming beauty enough to captivate tourists.

Nestled 120km from the mainland, Jeju Island has an area of up to 1850 km2, making it the largest island in Korea.

The island was formed from the accretion and stacking of volcanic plates, bringing beauty like a poetic landscape painting,

long white sand beaches, and extremely impressive clear sea water.

With a location separate from bustling urban areas, Jeju Island has an unusually slow and peaceful pace of life.

Coming here, visitors feel like they are lost in a peaceful fairy tale world with charming natural scenery.

In particular, Jeju Island’s weather is quite pleasant, there are many attractive attractions, rich cuisine and extremely hospitable people.

This is the reason why this beautiful island attracts millions of tourists from many parts of the world every year.

Interesting changes in Jeju Island’s weather

Located in a temperate climate zone, Jeju Island’s weather is also divided into 4 distinct seasons.

However, this is also the place with the most wonderful climate in the land of Kimchi, cool air all year round. Each season on the island will bring visitors extremely impressive travel experiences.

If you go in the spring from mid-March to June, the weather on Jeju Island is quite mild at this time, with temperatures ranging from 15 – 22 degrees.

This is the time when mother nature favors the island’s scenery to become brilliant, and the plants and trees bloom. In particular, during this time on the island, many spring festivals are regularly held, attracting visitors from everywhere to enjoy.

Summer on the island will start in June and last until August, the temperature will rise to a cool 22 degrees, without feeling hot.

This time is very suitable to participate in outdoor activities, visit waterfalls, mountains, forests, etc.

to admire the romantic beauty that mother nature bestows on this picturesque land.

From around September to November, Jeju Island’s weather will start to get chilly in the fall.

The trees on the island begin to turn yellow and red, creating a poetic and extremely romantic scene.

This time is suitable for picnics and climbing activities,…

If you want to admire the white snow scene on the island, you can come here from December to February next year.

The temperature on the island at this time will range from 5 – 7 degrees, great for exciting skiing games.

In particular, winter is also a great time to enjoy the famous warm dishes of the land of Kimchi.

Travel when Jeju Island weather is in spring

Spring travel experience to Jeju Island brings many attractive experiences to tourists. You can participate in flower festivals on the island such as the King Cherry Festival, canola flowers, buckwheat flowers, azalea flowers, etc.

Or visit Geolmae art village with beautiful flower walls sketched by talented artists.

The Dulle-gil ecological trail will be the perfect suggestion to see the beautiful wild natural scenery of Jeju Island.

Travel when Jeju Island weather is in summer

Jeju Island’s weather in summer is one of the wonderful island travel experiences that attracts visitors from near and far.

The beauty of the Hallasan mountain ecosystem or the Baengnokdam white deer lagoon brings a surprisingly wonderful scene to visitors.

Jusangjeolli cliff with thousands of stone pillars located right along the coast or Jeonbang waterfall – waterfall pouring directly into the sea creates an interesting scene.

In addition, visitors can also participate in paragliding, coral diving, kayaking to see the wonderful panorama and enjoy the wonderful summer on Jeju Island.

Travel when Jeju Island weather is in the fall

Exploring Jeju Island in the fall will be an impressive trip for travel enthusiasts who love the enchanting scenery of this paradise island.

If you want to save the most beautiful moments on the island, visit places like Majang – The most beautiful road in the land of kimchi,

Geum Baekjo road, Seongsan Ilchulbong mountain peak or Cheon Ah valley,… Quiet scenery, Peaceful helps you enjoy the feeling of relaxation, dispel fatigue and sadness out there.

Travel to Jeju Island during winter weather

Ski festivals taking place in winter on Jeju Island always attract the attention of many tourists.

You can also visit Nami Island, which has a cool climate and majestic scenery all year round. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall,

Jusangjeollidae Rock Cliffs or Yakcheonsa Pagoda with beautifully designed architecture are also places that leave you with unforgettable travel memories.