Green bean cake in Vietnamese cuisine

Green bean cake in Vietnamese cuisine is a type of pastry made from mung bean paste smothered with sugar and vegetable oil or animal fat, usually lard.

The cake in Vietnamese cuisine is cut into small squares, wrapped in foil into small and large boxes or wrapped in greaseproof paper into gold bars.

Cake is often used when drinking Chinese tea or green tea in Vietnamese cuisine, then it will create a feeling of relaxation.

The local famous green bean cake is Hai Duong.

Why is Hai Duong Green Bean Cake Delicious

To create delicious green bean cakes, the maker must choose quality green beans with smooth, even seeds and a yellow inside shell.
Next is the process of roasting the beans, this is an important step to create delicious cakes.

Because, if over-roasted, the cake will burn, and if not roasted enough, the beans will smell bad.

After roasting, green beans are incubated for a day before being peeled and ground into powder.
The next step is sugar and cooking oil to mix with the dough.

After mixing, the cake dough is taken out to ferment for 8-24 hours so that the sugar,

oil and bean flour blend together before being sent to the rolling machine.
After mixing the green bean powder, the workers use a cake mold to shape it and wrap it in foil.

This is a manual process because it requires dexterity and care.