Kien Thuy Braised Sardines in Vietnamese cuisine

Sardines are small fish, when mature they are usually about 15-20 cm in length. Sardines meat in Vietnamese cuisine is not only delicious, fatty but also contains a lot of nutrients. They provide omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium in Vietnamese cuisine

Some details about the specialty Braised Sardines Kien Thuy Hai Phong

If Yen Bai captures your heart with the majestic natural scenery of villages like Ban Lim Mong,

then Hai Phong will make you fall in love with its unique cuisine.

When talking about Hai Phong cuisine, you certainly cannot miss the specialty Kien Thuy Hai Phong .

Not only is it one of the familiar dishes of the people here, Kien Thuy Braised Sardines in Hai Phong is also a famous specialty of the Port. No matter how long it has been, present in many different regions,

For the people of the tourist land of Hai Phong, sardines are a gift that the sea gives to fishermen here.

The fish is a small fish and is usually about 15cm to 20cm long once mature.

Not only characterized by aroma and taste, sardines also bring extremely good nutrients to the body.

That’s why this dish is not only popular with adults but also extremely loved by children.

What’s special about this dish?

If the dish Hai Phong Crab Rice Cake has been memorable to many people,

Kien Thuy Braised Sardines in Hai Phong is no less competitive when it comes to blending the flavor of the sea into the dish.

Not only delicious in appearance and taste,

braised sardines also especially bring many nutrients that are good for health, so they are loved by everyone.

Kien Thuy braised sardines in Hai Phong are truly a gift given to the land of Hai Phong by the blue ocean.

Eating braised sardines every day can help protect heart health,

prevent the risk of stroke, support strong bones and avoid diseases related to dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

That’s why this dish often appears in the meals of Port people.

Especially for children with weak resistance, Kien Thuy Braised Sardines in Hai Phong becomes a natural medicine to help increase resistance.

If you come to Hai Phong, don’t forget to enjoy and buy this specialty as a gift for your friends and relatives!