Nem chua Yen Mac is a 3-star Ocop product near Tam Coc Ninh Binh found the home of Mr. Pham Van Quan (born in 1964, Yen Mac commune,

Yen Mo district near  Tam Coc Ninh Binh), this is a household that has been making spring rolls for many years and the family’s spring rolls have been recognized as Ocop 3 stars. 2021.

Prepare ingredients to make Nem Chua

Mr. Pham Van Quan Shared: “For Yen Mac spring rolls to achieve delicious quality,

the most important step is to choose fresh pork that has just been slaughtered.

At this time, the meat is still hot and remove all the tendons (not allowed). wash with water)”.

Process to make delicious Nem Chua

“Next cut the meat into small pieces and press it.

Next, mix the meat with shredded pork skin, add tincture (roasted Khang Dan rice and pound it), add a little garlic and sea salt.

Then wrap it with guava leaves. into small rolls, with a layer of banana leaves on the outside to keep the pork from fermenting quickly.

The spring rolls only need to be left for about 3-4 days to be eaten,” Mr. Quan near  Tam Coc Ninh Binh added.

Spices blend together to make delicious Nem Chua

According to Mr. Quan, for large grain sea salt, it must be roasted and pounded finely,

while for brown rice, it must not be burned until it is golden and pounded into powder. Lean meat (sliced and pressed), mixed with pork skin, pork skin, salt,… kneaded to create a characteristic aroma. Currently, Mr. Quan’s nem chua Yen Mac production facility makes an average of 4-5 rolls per month. quintal of raw pork, with 4 regular workers. Particularly during Tet holidays, when people and tourists order a lot of sour rolls, the workforce increases to 20-30 people. Mr. Quan is paying daily wages for workers from 400,000-500,000 VND/person/day (working 12 hours). Minus all expenses, Mr. Pham Van Quan’s family near  Tam Coc Ninh Binh earns 10-15 million VND each month by selling nem chua Yen Mac.