Note when traveling to Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam

Hau Thao is increasingly becoming a beautiful destination on the Sapa tourist map. Therefore, this place has become a favorite destination for many young people. Compared to Sapa Vietnam, tourism in the commune is not as developed as it is,

but gradually there are a few homestays to stay, helping visitors feel secure to stop and rest when visiting. One of them is Utopia Eco Lodge – an isolated resting place on a small prairie next to a stream. This place is built with natural materials from wood, bamboo, and completely pristine thatched roofs, without affecting the landscape.

Relax and stop to explore at Hau Thao

Staying at Utopia Eco Lodge, you can drink tea, watch the sunrise and sunset, and organize a BBQ party in the evening. Recently, Hau Thao commune has also appeared a few new locations serving tourism.

It can be mentioned that Hau Thao Coffee is a rest and coffee complex, built quite spaciously and on a relatively large scale. Visitors can choose to stay overnight to easily watch the sunrise and hunt clouds every morning. When visiting Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam, it’s best to go by motorbike because the roads here are quite difficult to find. Of course, you must make sure you are steady behind the wheel and bring all kinds of documents. If you find it difficult to explore the villages and hamlets in the commune, you can also ask a local guide for assistance.

So the unique culture in Hau Thao

In Hau Thao, there are mainly Mong people with traditional indigenous culture. Therefore, tourists coming here need to “join the custom” and integrate into the lifestyle of the local residents. At night, you should bring warm clothes because the temperature drops and the weather is quite cold. Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam is a beautiful destination, a pristine cloud hunting paradise for young people who are passionate about conquering and exploring. If you have gone to the end of Sapa town, try to visit Hau Thao to fully experience the beauty of Sapa.