Phuc Trach Grapefruit in Vietnamese cuisine

With its distinctive sweet taste and light natural aroma, Phuc Trach Grapefruit in Vietnamese cuisine has long been famous as a specialty pomelo variety of Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province and one of the best grapefruit varieties in Vietnamese cuisine


Grapefruit is a fruit with a sweet, slightly sour, refreshing taste. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps rejuvenate the skin and many other nutrients that keep your body young, healthy and full of vitality…


The positive effects of grapefruit on health make the value of Phuc Trach Grapefruit increasingly precious. Not only does it have a unique delicious taste, but grapefruit also contains a lot of vitamins A, C, vitamins… many macro and micro minerals that are good for health.

Heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, increasing the body’s resistance
Anti-oxidant, slows down skin aging process, reduces wrinkles, helps skin stay youthful and smooth.
High fiber content helps fight constipation, dysentery and inflammatory bowel disease.
Prevent and treat some dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach pain, etc
Provides as much vitamin C and vitamin A as possible.

Every day you only need to eat 1/2 of a Phuc Trach grapefruit,

it can provide up to 78% of the body’s daily need for vitami