Rice paper cake in Tho Ha

The main ingredients that create specialties

The main ingredient that makes the specialty of Tho Ha ancient village coconut rice paper and spring rolls is rice flour.

Rice for making rice paper cake is pure plain rice,

hand-milled with a stone mortar to create a moderate consistency, suitable for making rice paper cake. After having the desired cake dough, the worker will move on to the process of coating the cake. This is one of the important stages, deciding the success or failure of the specialty of Tho Ha rice paper,

because the cake must be cooked to medium, evenly spread and ensure a certain thickness. Therefore, forcing workers to be really meticulous, skillful and delicate while working.

How to make unique coconut rice cake of ho Ha ancient village

With the unique coconut rice cake of Tho Ha ancient village, the way to make it is much more complicated. Also from the raw material is plain rice flour, but it has to go through two rounds of coating:

One round of rolling cake, the other is coated with the same ingredients: Sesame, peanuts, preprocessed coconut.

The batches of yellow and crispy coconut rice cake, when eaten, have the aroma of sesame, peanuts, and the fat of grated coconut,

which are harmonious and full of flavor that has made the reputation of Tho Ha ancient village for a long time.