Sadec noodle soup in Vietnamese cuisine

With its unique flavor, SaDec noodle soup in Vietnamese cuisine always holds a special place,

with rice noodles made from rice flour, milky white in color, large stalks, soft fibers, moderate toughness and not friable

SaDec noodle soup vermicelli from Sa Giang brand with pure rice flour ingredients will be the ideal choice for delicious family meals. The product has a unique delicious flavor and is easy to prepare into a variety of dishes.

Sa Giang brand

Sa Dec rice vermicelli products from the Sa Giang brand are produced in the 100-year-old Sa Dec flour craft village, inheriting a long-standing traditional recipe.

Sa Dec noodle soup vermicelli from the Sa Giang brand is also guaranteed for quality and safety

thanks to production on a modern production line that meets international standards, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

This is also a convenient ingredient to prepare into a variety of delicious dishes such as cooking soup,

stir-fried rice vermicelli, vegetarian rice vermicelli or eating as fresh vermicelli after preliminary processing.

Main ingredient

– flour, tapioca starch
– This is a type of dry vermicelli, pure vegan, does not contain borax and is good for health.
– Rice vermicelli made from rice contains many nutrients and trace elements that help regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Rice vermicelli is gluten-free and does not contain GMO ingredients. NO: BORDER, FORMAL, PRESERVATIVES