Thap Muoi pink lotus wine in Vietnamese cuisine

Elegant pink lotus wine in Vietnamese cuisine, mellow taste, fragrant aroma of sticky rice, delicious to drink,
sipping a cup is enough to get drunk.
Lotus wine in Vietnamese cuisine is a specialty, a gift every time someone has the opportunity to return to the Southwest region to buy it as a gift for relatives and friends.

​The process of creating pink lotus wine

Hong lotus wine is wine made using traditional methods applied with modern technology with ingredients from lotus seeds, lotus heart, lotus root, sticky rice and just enough lotus powder yeast.
After brewing, the wine will be passed through a filtration system to remove
aldehydes and methanol and aged according to a family recipe for a minimum of 6 months.
Then, to create a unique flavor for the wine, we use lotus pistils that have been harvested early in the morning.
At this time, the lotus pistils will not be affected by infrared rays and will enhance the flavor of natural lotus scent.

Health benefits of pink lotus wine

With a traditional production process, red lotus wine is a typical product of
Dong Thap with excellent quality that consumers cannot ignore.
Besides, Hong lotus wine not only has a unique delicious flavor but is also good for health,
helping to sleep well. If used regularly every day in moderate amounts,
it will have a very good effect on improving overall health thanks to the valuable nutrients contained in the product.