Top 10 best ecotourism destinations in Nghe An

Nghe An Vietnam is a spiritual region with outstanding people. This place not only has majestic, magnificent and poetic nature, but the people are also very proud and heroic. If you are tired of the noise and fast pace of the city, you want to enjoy a quiet life, want to be immersed in nature. Then come to Nghe An. Let’s start an exciting eco-tourism journey for yourself.


Rain waterfall

Located about 25 km from the Ho Chi Minh Trail, located on a high mountain range in Cha Luon village, Ngoc Lam commune (Thanh Chuong), Rain Waterfall pouring into the upstream of Vang Stream in the resettlement area has become an attractive destination. attracts a large number of tourists on weekends and holidays.

The road to Rain Waterfall is not easy, however, many tourists are still determined to conquer it. After traveling by car or motorbike from Ho Chi Minh Road, traveling nearly 20 km, visitors will have to leave the car in the middle of the forest and walk along a stream with many slippery rocks for more than 1 km to reach Rain Waterfall. Walking the trail through the forest, crossing small streams with cool, slippery pebbles, this experience must bring many new excitements.

Conquering Rain Waterfall, tourists take souvenir photos at this beautiful place. Immerse yourself in nature and relax your mind away from the hustle and bustle of life to see how wonderful it is. Swimming in the cool water from the majestic waterfall, you feel like you forget all the fatigue and sadness of everyday life.

Address: Thanh Huong, Thanh Chuong, Nghe An

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Sang Le Forest

With an area of 70 hectares, the ancient Sang Le forest in Tuong Duong district, Nghe An makes passing tourists stop and admire its natural beauty and value. The forest is located far from the city. Vinh is about 140km, located along National Highway 7A.

Coming to Sang le Forest, people and tourists from all over have the opportunity to see thousands of sang le trees standing close together. Each season is different, the beauty of the forest also has its own characteristics. If you come during the falling leaf season, the forest creates a romantic beauty when sitting and looking at the falling leaves. When spring comes, the whole forest is filled with an eye-catching green color, protecting and helping people in the western region of Nghe An to cope with the burning Lao winds. The attraction of the ancient forest is so great that whenever anyone passes by, they stay for a while to rest and capture rare moments.
Address: Tuong Duong district, Nghe An

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Sao Va Waterfall

Sao Va Waterfall is one of four large waterfalls in Que Phong District, Nghe An Province, promising to be an ideal place for young people who want to explore the mountains and forests of Nghe An. Sao Va Waterfall (also known as the “twenty fathoms” waterfall), has long, fast and strong waterfalls creating white, foggy, cool water color in the middle of undulating mountain forests, rivers and streams winding around rapids. waterfall.. No one thought that the waterfall, the cave that clings to the village all year round or the stilt houses where they still live, still going up and down every day, could become a tourist destination for tourists to come from far and wide. enjoy, admire, take photos and be in awe.

Looking down from above, the waterfall flows like the white hair of fairies, flowing like a strip of silk, flowing softly across the green of the mountains. A unique gift of nature that cannot be found everywhere. Sao Va Waterfall has a large lake at the foot of the waterfall. This lake looks gentle but has a depth that few people can measure. In the summer, following in the footsteps of the indigenous people, visitors coming here can not only immerse themselves in the cool stream, watch the Sao Va waterfall, but also eat mountain and forest specialties: porcupines, pork rinds, bamboo shoots, Cam Muon gourd ducks, etc. Tri Le black chicken, pork, bamboo tube rice… ideal for those intending to go upstream.

Address: Que Phong district, Nghe An province

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7-Layer Waterfall

The 7-tiered Ta Ngao waterfall has been mentioned a lot in recent years on travel forums and is an ideal place for picnics and weekend trips. Looking down from above, the waterfall is like a soft, shiny strip of silver hair hidden right in the middle of the wild, majestic mountains and forests. The 7-tier waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nghe An, also has a wild beauty of nature.

On the way to the foot of the waterfall, visitors will see firsthand the lush green primeval forest landscape and immerse themselves in the fresh, vast natural space. In particular, the highlight among the endless green colors of the mountains and forests is the giant waterfall with white foam. The wonderful and impressive music that resonates throughout the mountains and forests is the harmony of the chirping of birds, the murmuring of waterfalls, and the sound of wind.

Address: Hanh Dich, Que Phong, Nghe An

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Pu Hoat National Park

Pu Hoat National Park is a large forest area in North Central Vietnam and is also a world biosphere reserve. With beautiful natural landscapes and rich flora and fauna, Pu Hoat is currently an ideal eco-tourism destination attracting domestic and foreign tourists. The breathtaking wildness of the mountains and forests. At that time, the most quintessential things under the wonderful hands of nature will gradually occupy the eyes and emotions of each visitor. Pu Hoat special-use forest has an area of 35,723 hectares, located in 5 communes Hanh Dich, Nam Giai, Thong Thu, Tien Phong, Tri Le, Que Phong district.

Pu Hoat Nature Reserve also has biodiversity. To date, scientists have discovered that this place has 763 plant species belonging to 427 genera and 124 families; There are more than 30 species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book. In the reserve, there are valuable species worth noting for tourists traveling to Phu Quoc for 3 days and 2 nights such as: mussels, honey gourds, honey gourds, cho chi, to hop…

Address: Village 3, Tien Phong Commune, Que Phong District, Nghe An

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Cua Lo Beach

Cua Lo Beach is wide and long, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Lam River flows into Cua Hoi, the strong flow into the East Sea follows the ocean current towards the south, carrying a lot of silt so that Cua Lo beach is blue all year round, the sea water is clear and you can see even the sand. Cua Lo seawater is not salty but moderate, suitable for bathing and swimming. In the sweltering heat at the end of the day, rolling up your pants and walking along the cool, whispering waves to let the waves massage your feet is truly nothing more pleasant. In the sunset, you can see many basket boats and fishing boats preparing to go to sea.

Cua Lo at night has the image of a city undulating on the sea. Tourists can catch a basket boat and go out to sea with the fishermen, bobbing on the night sea to catch the squid myrtle that is hypnotized by the light. In the summer, the waves are light, and when the squid see the light, they flock to surround them, so sometimes just using a net can catch quite a lot, which is a really interesting feeling. At night, Cua Lo becomes more and more alive with a diverse world, both a fishing village and a new tourist area, offering dining and many impressive entertainments. When night comes, the lights that illuminate the fish are still long, giving the sea a sparkling, magical beauty. Visitors can sit and drink water, chat, walk on the beach or lie on a mat on the windy beach and listen to the skillful croaking sounds of the skilled boys on their backs. It’s so comfortable and pleasant.

Address: Cua Lo Town, Nghe An

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Thanh Chuong tea hill

Thanh Chuong tea hill is one of the places that tourists often choose when they have the opportunity to visit Nghe An. Located in Lao Wind Tourist Area, Hamlet 8, Thanh An Commune, Thanh Chuong, Nghe An, has a cool climate extremely suitable for relaxation. The hills are covered with the endless green color of tea trees, and the lakes reflect the color of tea, creating a magnificent natural picture that makes tourists admire. The first impression of visitors when coming here is the immense green tea color, trimmed in rows and overlapping.

The harmonious natural scenery here, mixed with cool green mountains and hills accompanied by approachable sheep, will help you have many new experiences. Not only beautiful, Thanh Chuong tea hill always exudes the cool scent of tea, along with a fresh atmosphere filled with nature, extremely pleasant and good for health. Coming to Thanh Chuong tea hill, you can choose to walk or take a boat to admire the scenery. Thanh Chuong tea hill is considered by tourists to be a beautiful tea oasis for you to freely take virtual photos, so it is quite crowded during the tourist season.

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Nghia Dan sunflower field

Along with the above locations, Nghia Dan sunflower field is a wonderful eco-tourism destination of Nghe An. The sunflower field has an area of over 30 hectares, large and beautiful with the brilliant colors of sun flowers, loved by tourists of all ages. In recent years, the sunflower field in Nghia Dan has always been an extremely hot tourist destination not only for Nghe An people in particular but also for the whole country in general.

This sunflower field is located at 19/5 farm, Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan, and is considered a beautiful photography location in Nghe An. From Hanoi to Nghia Dan district will take about 5-6 hours by car. The field of orchids spreads a gentle fragrance mixed with a pleasant atmosphere that will bring you a feeling of relaxation and relieve fatigue. Coming to Nghia Dan sunflower field, in addition to admiring the flawless beauty of this flower in full bloom, visitors can also take many photos with many beautiful angles. The atmosphere and scenery here exude a very poetic and romantic beauty, so many couples come here to check in. Coming to the sunflower field, in addition to preparing photography equipment, you can rent a ladder to take beautiful panoramic photos.

Address: Ho Chi Minh street, Nghia Son, Nghia Dan, Nghe An

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Yen Thanh Sheep Field

Nghe An Vietnam has seas, islands, and forests, so let’s go straight to another equally attractive place, Yen Thanh Sheep Dong. Yen Thanh Sheep Field is famous for the artistic works of photographers. Not only is it an eco-tourism destination, it is also a beautiful photo spot in Nghe An. Sheep here are raised for meat so they don’t have fluffy white fur like those at tourist sheep farms, but they are also quite friendly.

Coming to Yen Thanh sheep field, you will feel like you are witnessing a vast landscape with herds of grazing lambs that only appear in movies about nomadic life. The natural landscape in Yen Thanh sheep field is a combination of hills, rocks and vast grasslands, creating a more Western feel. One point to note is that taking photos with sheep is not always convenient. Because the sheep fields are vast and quite barren, the best time to take pictures with the sheep is usually in the morning, when the sheep have just been taken out to graze, and around 3pm when the weather begins to cool down.

Address: Hamlet 11, Bao Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district, Nghe An

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Pu Xai Lai Leng peak

Pu Xai Lai Leng is a mountain in the Northern Truong Son range, with an outstanding peak, located on the Vietnam – Laos border. Located at an altitude of 2700m above sea level, Pu Xai Lai Leng Peak is always submerged in a sea of white clouds and extremely romantic and charming scenery. This place is suitable for those who like to explore, and love “traveling” which is famous for many young people who like to travel when it comes to traveling to Nghe An. Coming here, you will definitely feel completely worth what you spent.

With rolling mountains in a magical sea of clouds, Pu Xai Lai Leng Peak will help you encounter the rare beauty of creation. Pu Xai Lai Leng appears as massive as a majestic wall. On the top of the mountain, boundary marker 422, on the other side of the mountain is Muong Moc district of Xieng Khouang province, Laos; At the foot of Pu Xai Lai Leng in Vietnam are 19 villages of Na Ngoi commune with more than 5,000 people. Visitors can go cloud hunting, or enjoy a panoramic view of the mountain valley from the high slopes when visiting Pu Xai Lai Leng Peak.

Address: in the Truong Son Bac range, with an outstanding peak, located on the Vietnam – Laos border

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