Top 10 hottest campsites in Vietnam

Holidays are a time to help you regain energy and one of those entertainment activities is camping to change the atmosphere after stressful and tiring working days, which will be a great choice for you. and family. Below, Travel Vivu introduces to you the hottest camping locations today that you can refer to!


Son Tinh Camp camping area, Hanoi

Son Tinh camp is located in Dong Mo tourist area, about 40km from Hanoi, so you can get to Son Tinh camp by motorbike following the following distance: Go along Thang Long Avenue, cross the Hoa intersection bridge Get lost and go straight about 7km and you will see a sign leading to the Vietnamese Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village. After arriving at the gate, go straight across the orange bridge, at the intersection, turn left until the end of the asphalt road. At the entrance to the dirt road, you will see a sign saying Son Tinh Camp. Go through the forest for about 1.5km more. Located on a peninsula with three sides bordering Dong Mo Lake, Son Tinh Camp has an area of up to 40 hectares with poetic scenery and an extremely comfortable climate. This place is very suitable for picnics with friends on weekend getaways. Therefore, recently, this place is increasingly becoming a place to attract young people as well as those who want to escape the city to find a relaxing space.

Because the highlight of this location is the poetic and lyrical scenery right on the shore of the lake, tourists come here mainly to camp, rest and relax. Escape from the cramped city full of dust and traffic noise, stand among the majestic mountains next to the space of a large, fresh lake. All of these sweet experiences turn Son Tinh Camp into a beautiful and attractive destination for guests. Besides, to meet tourism needs, there are now quite convenient camping services for you to combine with teambuilding activities. There are a full range of camping models, types of camps and services that are suitable and diverse with picnic programs on summer days such as: single camps, double camps, collective camps, family camps or services. Rent space with furniture and equipment for fun. So when you come here, you don’t need to worry or prepare too carefully, just go to Son Tinh Camp, everything here is already there.

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Canh Duong Beachcamp, Hue

Thua Thien Hue has long been considered a famous place with many scenic spots that add to its poetic beauty. One of the beautiful landscapes that contributes to the reputation of Thua Thien Hue with its mysterious, attractive, and wild beauty is Canh Duong Beach camp. With its wild beauty and good quality of service to fully meet the needs of tourists, all have contributed to creating the reputation of Canh Duong Beach Camp. Canh Duong Beach Camp is always a destination sought after by many young people who are passionate about exploring not only in the country but also around the world.

Located about 50km from the center of Hue and Da Nang city, Canh Duong Beachcamp is located in Canh Duong village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. This is a campsite located on the beach with rare pristine beauty. You and your family will be completely relaxed with natural experiences and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of recreational activities. It will take about an hour by car from Hue or Da Nang to get to Canh Duong Beachcamp. The great plus points here are the services are reasonably priced, safe, fully equipped and close to nature. There are full bars, restaurants, children’s play areas, clean standard public restrooms and a full range of safe camping equipment. Recreational activities that should not be missed here include sports on the beach, sleeping in tents, campfires at night on the beach, BBQ grilling, catching handcuffs at night, and exploring by bicycle. Canh Duong village, buying seafood early in the morning…

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Dai Lanh tourist area, Khanh Hoa

This is a recently emerging camping area, shared quite a lot by young people on social networks. The location of this campsite is right at Dai Lanh beach, Dong Nam village, Dai Lanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. From Nha Trang city center, it’s about 80km to this campsite. Dai Lanh tourist area is easily recognizable when visitors pass Ca Pass and will see a large beach with sparkling blue sea water. Boats and boats are busy traveling and wooden houses are built densely around the beach. It provides a variety of services such as restaurants, karaoke, high-end outdoor camping tents, and thatched huts for tourists to rest while swimming. In addition, visitors will be able to participate in sports activities such as kayaking, jet skiing…

Right from the distance, you can see colorful wooden houses peeking out from behind rows of green poplars. This interesting image makes many first-time visitors feel excited and extremely excited. These wooden houses are famous camping places in Dai Lanh sea. Although it came into operation not long ago, this place has attracted a lot of tourists, especially young people who love to explore and experience new things. What makes this tourist area so famous lies in these colorful wooden houses. A place that gives you unique shooting angles that are rarely found anywhere else. Surely when you come here, you will not miss the opportunity to take memorable photos here.

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Tanyoli tourist area, Ninh Thuan

This is a tourist area specializing in adventure sports, located in Son Hai village, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, located on a beautiful coastal road. Tourists traveling from Ho Chi Minh City in the direction of National Highway 1A, turning right at Ca Na intersection and following the coastal road about 20km will see this tourist area. Adventure games that visitors can experience here include highwire, zipline, archery, traveling in the desert by off-road vehicles, climbing Mount No Name, experiencing the feeling of survival in harsh hot lands… Tanyoli tourist area also provides visitors with beautiful tents, fully equipped and modeled on nomadic life in the steppe.

Under the bright sun of Ninh Thuan, the sand dunes are shimmering and vast, like a wild desert but containing mysterious things. In addition to the games in the entertainment area that bring you back to childhood, Tanyoli adventure tourist area also has entertaining sports games for young people who like thrills. Coming here, you can experience the feeling of conquering Mui Dinh sand dunes on terrain vehicles with scenery that seems to only exist in virtual games. Sand motorbike racing games such as ATV 250 and UTV 250, Cao Cao 250 on off road will definitely make speed lovers extremely excited. Soaring across the vast Ninh Thuan deserts, discovering so many interesting things that await and finding your own limits is what this unique game brings to visitors when coming to the area. New tourism in Ninh Thuan.

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Sao Bien tourist area, Binh Lap

Sao Bien eco-tourism area is located in Binh Lap village of Cam Ranh city. Therefore, if you are coming from far away, you can stop in Cam Ranh city first and then travel by motorbike or taxi to Sao Bien quite simply. At Binh Lap beach, there are two other famous resorts: Ngoc Suong resort or Villa Dao Hoa Vang. But in front of those two brothers who are not at all humble, Sao Bien tourism still possesses its own special charms. Located in the middle of the vast and pristine natural space of Binh Lap beach, Sao Bien is not out of phase or different from the surrounding space. On the contrary, this place is designed completely based on nature, making visitors feel like they are immersed in nature, enjoying a fresh, comfortable space.

The most special feature that makes Cam Ranh Bay Sao Bien tourist area unmistakable with any other place is the triangular wooden huts placed right on the sand. Even though they look so tiny and adorable, they are small but powerful! Each hut is a room for two people and also has full amenities so you can comfortably enjoy your trip. Especially the fluttering curtains, let’s call it completely romantic! Not only that, scattered along the beach there are also a few wooden floors with super cute white curtains hanging loosely. I’m sure any girl who sees this scene can’t help but pose and take pictures! Just that alone makes you excited and want to rush here right away, right? But Sao Bien still has something even more adorable! That is a white mesh hammock suspended right above the sea surface. True to the ultra-romantic beach style that girls often desire when looking at pictures in the Maldives paradise!

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Coco Beach Camp, Binh Thuan

Coco Beachcamp is a high-end camping area located in Cam Binh beach, Lagi Binh Thuan town, about 160km from Ho Chi Minh City. Coco Beach Camp is a completely new beach, although not separate from the surrounding world, as soon as you arrive, you will feel like it is almost a completely different world without the row of houses. like other hotels and resorts, but instead there are rows of colorful tents set up throughout the area, stretching from the beach to the inner garden, a large beach, and a white villa. small beachfront, a Hawaiian-style round bar, a large library. That will be where you and all your guests will sleep and rest during your trip to this “1-0-2” beach.

This place is likened to paradise because it has a long, wide, clean beach with golden sand and blue sea. Coming here, visitors will be free to swim, rest, and relax, away from the noise of the city. In particular, this Binh Thuan tourist area is also decorated very romantically in a natural wild style with swings, white hammocks and rows of colorful wooden houses or unique fully equipped mobile camping homes. Amenities are only available at Coco Beach Camp. Guests will experience the services of sleeping in tents, cafes, campfires and BBQs, taking photos, catching lanterns at night, watching sunrise and sunset, learning to pull nets with fishermen, and renting motorbikes to explore Lagi. , buy seafood from fishermen early in the morning, enjoy sports activities at sea… You will be surprised because there are many beautiful corners here that are no less than any expensive resort.

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Lu Glamping, Bình Thuận

Lu Glamping area is located near Ke Ga lighthouse in Tien Thanh beach tourist area, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan, about 33km from Phan Thiet. You can follow the Ba Ria coastal road to Phan Thiet. Nearing the Ke Ga intersection, looking on the right hand side you will see the abandoned Van Hoa Khe Ga village. 5m above there will be a dirt road hugging the dragon fruit garden. Just go to the end of the dirt road and you will see LU Glamping. LU Glamping area with an area of 4 hectares is located close to the beach, so it has a long white sand beach, surrounded by mountains on all four sides, and a beautiful melaleuca forest like a painting. This is a new and suitable picnic camping area. those who love the sea.

This place has a new decoration style that blends with the sun, wind, sea, and white sand that will definitely attract active young people at first sight. Although the sea water here is not as clear as other places, in return, Lu Glamping is still considered a very good camping and resort location for the weekend due to the harmonious combination of peaceful natural landscape. Reasonable design and layout of space areas for all ages and subjects such as families, couples, and companies. This place has charming scenery, is one of the new resorts for young people to have fun and relax, explore Mui Ke Ga or create a super romantic photo set. At any corner at Lu Glamping you can easily take a beautiful photo. There is also a path decorated with bamboo, where you can take selfies every moment.

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Zenna Pool Camp, Vung Tau

Zenna Pool Camp is located in Phuoc Tinh commune, bordering Long Hai, Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. The campsite is located on the coastal road with an area of ​​up to 6.5 hectares, surrounded by poplar forest with cool winds blowing all year round. Visitors only need to take a few steps to reach the sea. Here, you will be able to participate in extremely interesting activities such as building a campfire, swimming, playing group games on the beach… The evening will be more exciting with bright lights and food parties. BBQ grill. The air is always refreshed by fresh ocean breezes. You can camp overnight or rent a room. If you go with friends, you should choose to camp overnight on the beach next to the sea to feel and immerse yourself in the night space next to the sea. Around the tourist area, there are many trees. The green color of the trees complements the blue color of the sea, making everything feel fresh and clean.

During the day you can walk around the beach, hear the gentle sound of waves, the sound of wind and green pine trees. There are many activities that can be participated or organized here. Grill meat, seafood, organize group games, and at night you can buy firewood for a campfire. Before that, you can go to the nearby market to buy fresh seafood and food for the evening, the price is not too expensive. Gathering around the fire, singing songs, with some drinks, you and your family will find this place beautiful and peaceful. Scenery seems to make people closer to each other. There are also clear blue swimming pools and high huts facing the sea. Climbing up here to enjoy the breeze and enjoy the scenery is very interesting. The tourist area is designed according to the aesthetic taste of young people, bringing a very youthful and dynamic feeling. The furniture and decoration style in the tourist area will definitely make it difficult for you to take your eyes off, many sparkling photo booth areas are suitable for “virtual living” believers.

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Dai Lai Lake, Vinh Phuc

Located in Ngoc Thanh and Cao Minh communes of Phuc Yen town, next to Xuan Hoa town to the north of Me Linh district, Dai Lai lake is only 50km from Hanoi inner city and 15km from Noi Bai airport, a long time ago. has become famous as an attractive eco-tourism area close to the capital. With a mild climate amid a quiet natural setting, and a convenient transportation system by road, rail and air, Dai Lai has quickly become an impressive weekend tourist destination in the province. Vinh Phuc. Dai Lai tourism is an ideal vacation spot during the Tet holiday. Fresh air, nature, beautiful landscapes and attractive entertainment spaces, rich services, and diverse sports and entertainment activities. Located isolated from the outside world, Dao Ngoc tourist area is a suitable place for you and your family to organize camping and picnics. You can rent the resort’s tent system to grill food to bring with you.

Coming to Dai Lai, you can participate in many interesting outdoor activities such as swimming in the lake, duck riding, taking a boat to visit the islands around Dai Lai lake, admiring the scenery, taking photos and visiting the green mountains and forests. cool. You will have unforgettable experiences when splashing in the cool water or leisurely pedaling ducks while admiring the scenery. Dai Lai Vinh Phuc tourism has recently developed a lot, so many motels have also sprung up. Finding a place to stay overnight with good service and reasonable prices is not too difficult, however you should book in advance because it is easy to run out of rooms. Especially recently, the Flamingo Dai Lai resort is also popular with many people because of the combination of natural scenery and human-created architecture. In addition to delicious food, there are also extremely attractive services and games. You can enjoy everything according to 5-star hotel standards and more: swimming pool, billiards, tennis, golf course, boat, garden… however the price is also quite high compared to other places to stay.

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Mộc Châu, Sơn La

Moc Chau Plateau, Son La is a never-boring destination for young people who like to travel because of beautiful scenery all year round, fresh air, delicious food, reasonable prices, honest and hospitable people, and good roads. convenient. Only about 200 km from Hanoi, 4 hours drive to get there. Recently, many families and groups of friends have enjoyed the experience of camping among plum blossom forests, which are in full bloom. Moc Chau tourism in recent years is a destination chosen by many people, so accommodation is also very diverse, in addition to motels, hotels in Moc Chau, traditional stilt houses, homestays… are built everywhere. place. Therefore, you can choose depending on your needs and budget.

If you do not have much experience with overnight camping, you should choose to camp in a controlled area such as a homestay for safety reasons and convenience of sanitation, electricity and water. You should choose a tent with good waterproofing because when night falls, there is a lot of dew. In the tent, there should be an insulated sheet or folding mattress, a warm sleeping bag, and if it is cold, you should wear a hat when sleeping to avoid catching a cold. Pay attention to collective culture, whether you are a guest renting a room or renting a campsite, you should also be conscious of general hygiene. If you want to see plums and immerse yourself in the lives of the people here, you can go to ethnic villages such as Phieng Canh village, not far from Na Ka valley. The Mong people here are celebrating the Mong New Year all month long, with many unique local fun activities. The people are very friendly and not commercialized, there is no soliciting sales or asking for money to take pictures. So please respect them and remember to ask permission before taking photos or participating in activities.

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