Top 10 most beautiful roads in Vietnam

You like to travel on beautiful roads to enjoy the natural scenery and immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere. So what are you waiting for, let’s explore the most beautiful roads in Vietnam with Travel Vivu right now. Who knows, you may find your next travel destination through this article. Let’s explore together!


Phan Thiet - Mui Ne coastal road

Starting the list of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam is the Phan Thiet – Mui Ne coastal road. The temperature in Phan Thiet has always been quite hot, the air is dry and harsh, thus creating small deserts here, stretching along coastal roads and along routes from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne.

When walking on this road, you will be surprised and admired by its wonderful scenery. Approaching Mui Ne, you will see that on both sides of the road are long sandy beaches, mixed with a few species of plants living in clusters on dry sandy beaches with intense sunlight. Usually this route is not crowded with traffic, and is about 100km long. Coming here, you can freely stop and take the most beautiful photos as souvenirs.

When tourists travel from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne by coastal road, you will witness the beauty of the vast blue sea next to the road, gently lapping waves blowing gentle coolness. This road creates a beautiful picture with a row of coconut trees on the edge of the road, creating shade and bringing a sense of comfort to visitors.

Along with the seascape, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of coastal villages, small roads, cafes, motels and resorts with typical architectural styles. This place has a joyful, peaceful and pure atmosphere, making it an ideal place for visitors to enjoy the beach and relax.

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Bao Loc Pass Road - Lam Dong

To get to the dreamy city of Da Lat, we will go through Bao Loc pass, one of the famous passes in Vietnam. Bao Loc Pass is also known as Ba Co Pass, quite winding and dangerous. Drivers when going through Bao Loc Pass must be really experienced and careful.

When visitors start their journey on the Bao Loc – Lam Dong pass, they will admire the beautiful natural scenery with winding mountains, shady forests and hidden waterfalls everywhere. The winding road, zigzagging along cliffs and abysses, provides a great traffic experience with appeal and challenge. However, it cannot be denied that the view down from Bao Loc Pass is truly beautiful.

When you go from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat, on your right side you look down and you will see green plateaus and leafy forests, and on your right side you will see towering cliffs standing up. , sometimes there are a few small streams of water flowing down. When you reach a certain height, you will still see magical white clouds. All have majestic beauty, captivating people’s hearts. Indeed, Bao Loc Pass deserves to be chosen as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam.

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Vinh Hy - Cam Ranh coastal road

Inaugurated in 2015, this Vinh Hy – Cam Ranh coastal road attracts many tourists and backpackers to visit because of its beauty. Stretching about 30km from Ninh Chu to Binh Tien, you will enjoy the majestic mountain scenery, accompanied by the vastness of the blue sea.

The gentle yellow sunlight of early morning will make the hearts of tourists passing through this road early in the morning. And of course, this is also a beautiful place for backpackers to explore and save for themselves the most beautiful photos. When tourists travel on this road, they will see the blue sea next to the road, the long stretch of fine sand and the green coconut trees creating a vast and beautiful scene. Blue seas continue to create poetic beauty, inviting tourists to come and explore.

The Vinh Hy – Cam Ranh region is also famous for beautiful bays and beaches such as Vinh Vinh Hy, Bai Dua, Bai Ba… Each beach has its own beauty, from long smooth sand beaches to coral reefs. Colorful underwater clear blue sea.

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Thuy Van Street - Back Beach, Vung Tau

This is one of the quite crowded streets in Vung Tau. And of course when you visit this place, you will pass Thuy Van Street, located next to Back Beach in Vung Tau. On one side of the road are rows of hotels with large, unique architecture, located close to each other and souvenir stalls of shops.

Besides, the other side of the road overlooks a beautiful beach, where tourists come to swim, relax, and rest. The sidewalk of the road is lined with beautiful and clean granite, making you feel satisfied with the beautiful scenery and atmosphere here. In the tourism development strategy for the coming years, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province plans to turn the Thuy Van coastal road into the province’s leading 5-star sea route, after the Ho Tram axis.

In particular, Vung Tau will develop a high-class sea tourism route, limited by the Thuy Van – Thi Sach – Chi Linh axis. This area is expected to be invested in upgrading infrastructure and planned to develop a large-scale tourism and resort cluster with hundreds of resorts, entertainment complexes, tourist apartments and hotels. Star.

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O Quy Ho Pass Road - Lai Chau

O Quy Ho Pass is also known as Hoang Lien Son Pass. Located in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam. O Quy Ho Pass has a long, winding pass on Highway 4D, of which 2/3 of the distance is in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau, the remaining 1/3 is in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. This is probably a pass that holds a record for length in the Northwest mountains, with a length of nearly 50 kmThe O Quy Ho – Lai Chau pass road is quite bumpy and dangerous. However, being located in the middle of the majestic Northwest mountains, this road has made this road more beautiful than ever because of the vast scenery and surrounding mountains. Because of these beauties, plus the challenges and obstacles of the terrain, O Quy Ho Pass will become a new destination for travelers who love adventure, adventure, and discovery. And of course, the result when you overcome those challenges will be the breathtaking natural scenery when you arrive here.

When tourists wander on the O Quy Ho pass, they will be surrounded by high mountains, vast cloud forests and lush green fields. In particular, from here, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Sapa valley with its vast terraced fields. The road will take visitors through dangerous turns and steep roads, however, from the top of O Quy Ho pass, visitors will be rewarded with a vast sea of clouds and the scent of forest flowers and grass. The cool and fresh feeling of the air here is unforgettable.

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Tran Hung Dao Street - Da Lat

Tran Hung Dao Street is located in the middle of the city center, near Xuan Huong Lake and Bao Dai Palace 2. This is a street with many ancient French villas stretching along with many stories about derelict houses filled with the magic of Da Lat. There are pine needles on both sides of the road, which will make you feel both magical and captivated by the ancient and poetic beauty of this land of thousands of flowers.

Tran Hung Dao Street is also known as Da Lat’s cherry blossom street. The road lasting more than 500m is planted with two rows of cherry blossoms on both sides of the road. Besides, Tran Hung Dao street has a harmonious combination of shiny old pine trees, rows of ancient villas on both sides along with the deep pink color of peach blossoms, creating a truly charming street.

When starting the journey on Tran Hung Dao Street, visitors will be submerged in the cool space and fresh climate of Da Lat. The street is surrounded by tall trees, creating pleasant shade and lovely scenery. Visitors can stop and enjoy delicious drinks and food at roadside cafes, enjoying the airy and peaceful space.

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Hai Van Pass - connecting Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang

Dubbed “the most majestic landscape in the world”, Hai Van Pass connects Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city, famous not only for the ruggedness and zigzags of the pass, but also for its natural scenery. exceptional nature. The top of the pass is covered with clouds all year round and the foot of the pass is a vast deep blue sea.

When tourists travel on Hai Van Pass, they will be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery with surrounding mountains, covered cloud forests and the distant sea. The majestic and wild scenery of Hai Van Pass is something that cannot be ignored. In particular, from the top of the pass, visitors can see the panoramic view of Lang Co beach and Da Nang bay, feeling the majesty and mystery of nature.

Hai Van Pass is also known for its ancient bridge architecture and artistic feats of human construction. Hai Van Pass offers visitors a wonderful travel experience with majestic natural landscapes and is an ideal destination for those who love adventure travel and want to explore the natural beauty of Vietnam. Hai Van Bridge is a historical and cultural symbol on this road.

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Ma Pi Leng Pass - Ha Giang

Known as the king of passes in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng Pass is 20km long, at the top of a mountain about 1200m in Dong Van Plateau, located on the road named Hanh Phuc Road connecting Ha Giang and Dong Van cities. and Meo Vac town. This is not the longest pass, but it is the most dangerous pass in Vietnam.

This is considered a geological and landscape heritage of our country. At the same time, the scenery here also captivates people’s hearts with steep, steep cliffs on the shore, deep abysses, spreading tree canopies, and clouds drifting lazily overhead. In 2009, Ma Pi Leng Pass was also classified as one of Vietnam’s scenic spots.

Ma Pi Leng Pass will take visitors through dangerous bends and steep roads, requiring ingenuity and patience. However, from the top of the pass, visitors will be rewarded with a vast sea of clouds, a blend of blue sky and characteristic rocky cliffs.

Ma Pi Leng Pass also brings unique cultural experiences to the ethnic minority community living here. Visitors have the opportunity to learn and interact with the lives of ethnic minorities, experience the culture, specialties and characteristics of the Northern mountainous region.

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Phan Dinh Phung Street - Hanoi

Phan Dinh Phung Street (Hanoi) is the road with the second widest sidewalks in the capital Hanoi, stretched with tall, straight rows of perennial crocodiles. Spring and summer are filled with the white color of fallen flowers on the roadside. In autumn and winter, the road is covered with yellow fallen leaves, extremely romantic.

This is truly an ideal place for us to stroll and admire the scenery, indulge ourselves in the scent of crocodiles, and follow the fresh breeze in this capital city. And this is also an ideal place for couples to date and take a walk. When visitors move on Phan Dinh Phung Street, they will be immersed in a peaceful, ancient and historical space. This is where many ancient villas, old trees, and historical houses are concentrated in Hanoi’s ancient architecture.

An indispensable feature is the brightly colored flower cars. Every time you walk on this road, especially in spring or autumn, you seem to be lost in a garden of poetry. In particular, Phan Dinh Phung Street is famous for its rows of shady green trees, creating shade and cool air on hot summer days. Visitors can stroll along the road, enjoy the surrounding landscape and enjoy the peaceful, airy space.

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Road to U Minh Thuong forest - Kien Giang

You will be immersed in the green natural scenery when you set foot on the path leading to U Minh Thuong forest. Located in Kien Giang province, this is one of the famous tourist destinations in the region. Two rows of trees with whispering foliage along the road will lead you into a rich natural landscape with diverse and abundant fruits and birds.

The road to U Minh Thuong forest gives visitors a feeling of closeness to nature and the cultural identity of the Khmer ethnic people and the communities living around this area. Visitors can explore culture, specialties and enjoy amateur music, typical features of the Southwest region.

When tourists travel on the road to U Minh Thuong forest, they will see the vast scenery of flooded forests, vast fields, and especially the lush green reed fields. This is a place to interact with nature, watch birds and wildlife, enjoy quiet space and experience rural life. In particular, the road to U Minh Thuong forest is located in the southernmost region of Vietnam, near the border with Cambodia, so it also brings with it multicultural and geographical diversity.

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