Top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations when coming to Vung Tau

Vung Tau is known as a beautiful beach about 120km from Saigon. Coming to Vung Tau, you will not only be able to enjoy the view of the blue mountains and the silver sea, but you will also be able to indulge in countless fresh seafood dishes, try mountain climbing, go to the Lighthouse to see the city or simply just relax. Immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea. Just that alone makes me feel very excited, right? Let’s join Travel Vivu to learn about the most attractive tourist destinations in Vung Tau through the article below



Located at an altitude of 170m, the lighthouse has a round tower shape, 18m high, covered with delicate white paint, standing out against the blue sky. This place is surrounded by beautiful green trees, attracting many tourists to visit. Vung Tau lighthouse is considered the oldest of Vietnam’s 79 lighthouses and is a symbol of the coastal city of Vung Tau. France built this location in 1862 to signal and guide ships and boats. When coming to this Vung Tau tourist destination, to admire the unique architecture of the ancient lighthouse, visitors can ride a motorbike or car. However, there are also many tourists who choose to walk to feel a bit of adventure, breathe cool air and enjoy the poetic landscape to the fullest.

Setting foot on the top of the mountain, you will be able to see the full view of the mountains and water, admire the majestic, majestic lighthouse in pure white rising high in the dark blue sky or see the statue of Jesus with his arms outstretched not far away. The lighthouse tower at the tourist destination of Vung Tau is connected to the operators’ housing area by a solid tunnel with unique architecture. From the spiral staircase inside the lighthouse, with 55 steps leading to the top of the tower, visitors will enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea, with panoramic views of the water and mountains of Vung Tau city. . Especially at night, looking down from the lighthouse, the city scene appears shimmering and magical. The ships returning from the sea also flash their bright lights, looking very poetic! Friends can gather to take photos freely, or engrave their names on the lighthouse! But most of the time we only see couples in love, probably because of the romantic scene like Korean movies.

Address: Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Christ statue

No longer unfamiliar to the coastal people here, the statue of Christ with outstretched arms creates incredible peace for a beautiful coastal city. To get to the statue of Christ, you will have to walk quite a long way with paved steps and rows of fragrant porcelain flowers with every step. Here, you can freely pose and take all sorts of pictures next to the giant statue of Jesus to show off to your friends and make memories. Everyone will surely be impressed! If you are not tired yet, you can continue to conquer the Statue of Christ with outstretched arms, guaranteed to not waste any effort. Because the path up is a bit small, don’t jostle each other! Up there, this is the most beautiful moment and you will be able to see the view of the entire coastal city along with the cool breeze, surely this will be a moment that you will never forget.

The Statue of Christ, also known as the Statue of Christ with His Hands Outstretched, is one of the famous Vung Tau attractions visited by many tourists. Located on top of Nho Mountain, Vung Tau city, the statue was built in 1974. The statue of Christ is 32m high, has an arm span of 18.3m, stands at a height of 170m, with a beautiful view of the sea, inside is 133 steps up to the two arms of the statue. Standing here, visitors can see far away and admire the vast landscape. The Statue of Christ can be considered a version, with similarities to the more than 2m tall Statue of Christ in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro – one of the largest statues in Asia. This massive construction in Vung Tau tourist destination makes many tourists want to come to the coastal city. Coming here, you will not only be able to explore and conquer, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the city from above

Address: Thuy Van, Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Pig Hill

Located in the middle of Vung Tau City, Con Heo Hill is known as a new destination for young people who love to explore and adventure. From the top of this hill, visitors can see the whole city: Thuy Van street with the coastline stretching a corner of Ha Long street and Hon Ba island in the middle of the sea. From the top of the hill, visitors can easily see the lighthouse, the symbol of the coastal city of Vung Tau. This is considered one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. The road up to Con Heo hill in Vung Tau is one of the ideal photography locations to create unique photos that not everyone knows. It sounds strange to hear the name, but there are no pigs up on the hill! Not far from the statue of the Lord extending his arms, just ask the local people a little and you can run up the hill to get some fresh air. It’s very cool here, very comfortable, the view is perfect and especially the photos are very pretty! Anyone who goes to Vung Tau must go up the pig hill to take a few pictures before returning! Moreover, you can also invite your friends to spread out a tarpaulin to hold a barbecue party or sing something, which is also very fun. Or if there are a lot of people, you can set up a tent and light a fire overnight on the hill for a day to show how it feels.

This place has two seasons typical of the Southern climate. In the rainy season, the grass and trees become lush green, but in the dry season, the scenery on the hill becomes wild and mysterious. At around 3 – 5 pm, windy Con Heo Hill makes visitors feel the most authentic feeling of peace and airiness. The gravel road on the hill seems to take visitors to a real paradise. In addition to the charming scenery, Con Heo Hill also attracts tourists, especially young people and those who love backpacking, because the dry grass hill with its beautiful yellow color or the white-red dividing line are places that create unique landscapes. best quality photo. This is also the ideal place to catch the sunrise or sunset in Vung Tau. Con Heo Hill is currently a beautiful, unique, strange and interesting wild hill in Vung Tau that many young people seek out.

Address: Phan Chu Trinh Street, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Suoi Nghe sheep field

For those who love backpacking and taking photos of all kinds, Suoi Nghe Sheep Field is definitely a place not to be missed. You don’t have to go far to find cute sheep because right next to Saigon, there is now a whole sheep field for you to go up there to play with the gentle sheep or pose and take pictures, guaranteed not to touch them. and love it! This Vung Tau sheep field was previously an empty, dry land. Since the households here started grazing sheep, Suoi Nghe field began to become beautiful and became a favorite photography location for young people, especially couples taking wedding photos. You will be immersed in a vast space with many unique shooting angles like being immersed in a peaceful scene, a miniature steppe in Europe near Saigon.

This sheep field is only about 70 km from Saigon, located on Phuoc Tan – Hoi Bai road, passing through Suoi Nghe commune, Chau Duc district. Suoi Nghe Vung Tau sheep field was formed from a dry, empty land, with scorching sun all year round. But since a few households let sheep graze, the sheep field suddenly became a favorite tourist destination for young people and couples taking wedding photos. Sheep hill in Vung Tau includes 3 herds of sheep, each herd has about 150 sheep. Sheep with beautiful white, fluffy fur attract people here. Sheep farmers also bought a few horses to add an attractive highlight to the photos as well as the experiences of tourists coming here. The large space with peaceful scenery, fresh air and the bustling “bleating” sounds of cute sheep are enough to make you dispel all the fatigue and stress of a busy life. day.

Address: Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

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White Rabbit amusement park

White Rabbit Amusement Park is the first community entertainment spot in Vung Tau, creating new, diverse and rich products for the tourism industry of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Although newly established, this tourist area is a Vung Tau destination that many people are curious about because it is designed in a Japanese style, in harmony with the landscape of the coastal city of Vung Tau. If you are still wondering what to do in Vung Tau, the presence of the amusement park has created richness for the list of Vung Tau tourist destinations. This place is divided into two main areas. White Rabbit Amusement Park is an entertainment spot that was put into operation a few years ago. White Rabbit Park has a Japanese style that attracts people and tourists to visit and explore. This park is divided into 2 areas: Youth play area and children’s area. Thrilling games such as pirates of the Caribbean, roller coasters, flying saucers… will bring thrills to those who love adventure, conquering speed and height.

Besides thrilling games, traditional games can never be lacking here. Children can have fun while still being safe and thinking creatively such as folk games, Donald Duck, Highland dances, steam houses, fishing lakes, fairy trains, and royal carriages. Surely you are always extremely impressed when every time you watch Korean movies, beautiful parks that no one can stand, flashing lights, Ferris wheels, roundabouts, cable-stayed chairs… this is it. Extremely “cool” version of the Korean amusement park in Vietnam – White Rabbit Amusement Park. There’s nothing better than going to the park to return to your childhood and take Korean-style pictures. In addition, you can also watch 3D and 4D movies here or sit on the big ferris wheel to try the feeling of embracing yourself all by yourself. The coastal city in front of us is so interesting, isn’t it! If you make a bet in winter it’s fun, but if you pair it up it’s as romantic as a movie, then try both ways to see which side has more feeling!

Address: Junction of Thuy Van and Le Hong Phong streets, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city.

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Green Stone Lake

As a brand new place discovered not long ago by backpackers, Da Xanh Lake is one of the most wonderful places on your trip to the beach! Nestled on the way to Dinh Mountain, Da Xanh Lake brings a charming river picture with a wooden bridge with green water and surrounded by trees. Coming to the lake, you can freely “live virtual” in all kinds of ways because it has not been edited. Even looking at it is so mesmerizing! On weekends, many couples come here to take couple and wedding photos because of the charming scenery here! Green Stone Lake stands out because it is a clear lake surrounded by mountains. As one of the large lakes formed during the stone mining process, Da Xanh lake has an area stretching from Ba Ria to Chau Pha. With a clear lake located in the middle of majestic Dinh Mountain, a calm and calm lake surface in all seasons, Da Xanh Lake is a suitable place for travelers to rest and relax after stressful and tiring working days.

Green Stone Lake is one of the ideal places for you to take virtual photo shoots. This place has existed for a long time but has only recently emerged, so more scenes have been invested in to serve the photography needs of young people. The lake area is landscaped with bridges spanning the middle of the lake, creating magical paths. Each bridge has a different design, so you can freely pose from one bridge to another to take beautiful check-in photos. In addition, you will be able to freely take photos with the large clear blue lake or pose for photos with lovely swings, white fences, straw huts… You can also take photos with cute sheep and Extremely friendly with everyone. This is also one of the unique features that cannot be found anywhere else. In the midst of the endless mountains, lovely, chubby white sheep suddenly appeared looking for grass on the vast land. If you want to take more beautiful photos, you can rent a boat to the lake to take photos and row around Da Xanh Lake to explore this place.

Address: Tan Thanh District, Vung Tau.

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Coc lake

Ho Coc is famous as a “paradise” place, a check-in point for taking virtual photos that not only locals but anyone returning to this coastal city cannot miss. As an ideal tourist resort, only 175km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 3 hours by car, Ho Coc attracts tourists from near and far because of its wild beauty, a bit poetic like a fairyland. away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ho Coc is located in Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. The road into this area has an extremely cool climate thanks to the surrounding mountains and forests. Because it has just begun to be invested in and exploited, the scenery here almost retains its inherent wildness with blue sea, white sand, rows of trees, and wide beaches, all of which are common features in this area. Vung Tau beaches.

People come to Ho Coc not only to swim, but also to listen. Listen to the sound of waves crashing offshore, hear the rustle of poplar trees every time the wind blows, and the occasional chirping of birds somewhere. The music is natural and harmonious, making the listener’s soul strangely gentle and peaceful. However, the difference that creates the romantic poetry that makes everyone feel excited is the rocks at Ho Coc beach. Rocks of many different shapes are scattered all over the beach, from gentle sand dunes to swimming in clear sea water, causing every time a wave comes, the water bubbles up white. clear, evoking visitors a feeling of freshness and joy. There’s nothing better than sitting on the cliffs, taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature here.

Address: Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

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Pineapple Beach

Bai Dua is also known as Bai Lang Du, located between Front Beach and Back Beach, west of Nho Mountain, near Nghinh Phong cape. Currently, Pineapple Beach is one of the beautiful beaches and attracts many tourists to Vung Tau. Just hearing the name “Pineapple Beach” makes visitors already curious about the name of this beach. Because this area used to grow a lot of wild pineapples on the mountain slopes jutting out to the sea – this is a thorny herb with a scent like sticky rice or Nang Huong rice that radiates a fragrant scent to the area. There are many means for tourists to get to Vung Tau such as hydrofoils, passenger cars, buses, taxis, motorbikes or even planes for tourists from far away who choose Vung Tau as a tourist destination with family and friends. friend.

Compared to other beaches, Bai Dua has a quite small area, only enough for about 20 – 30 people. But this is a very suitable place for tourists who want to find a peaceful, calm, and airy space. Partially covered by Nghinh Phong cape, the sea creeps deep into the shore, creating long rocky rapids and gentle, discreet waves, creating a charm for the beach like a shy girl. But sometimes it attracts tourists’ footsteps with the scent of pineapple, so it is called Lang Du. Traveling to Bai Dua, visitors can not only swim but also take a boat tour or camp with family and friends. A special feature here is that there are many hotels and mini resorts located on high hills with moderate prices that will easily attract visitors to fully enjoy a romantic, poetic evening gazing at the night stars and thinking. fun with everyone.

Address: Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Nghinh Phong Cape

Nghinh Phong Cape is a free tourist destination in Vung Tau that you should not miss. Behind is a high mountain, in front is a big sea, this is a beautiful scenery that can only be felt by standing on Nghinh Phong cape. True to its name, “catching the wind” when standing here you will feel like you are small and merged into the sky and earth, yet you see how precious this life is. Coming to Nghinh Phong cape, in addition to being able to create super beautiful photos, you can also enjoy the breeze and chat with friends! The surrounding area has many large rocks with strange shapes, ideal for those who love fishing and adventure. This Nghinh Phong cape stretches out to the sea, forming two large bays and two extremely famous beaches: Vong Nguyet beach and Huong Phong beach.

Recently, Nghinh Phong Cape in Vung Tau and Heaven’s Gate in Vung Tau are gradually becoming popular. Located only 100km from Saigon, this place is very suitable for overnight camping trips. The camping location is also quite narrow, only enough to set up 7 – 9 tents in different corners. When camping, you should secure the tent tightly to prevent strong winds. In addition, before leaving, monitoring the weather to avoid risks is a must. Camping overnight in Vung Tau, you will welcome the first rays of sunlight and the cool breeze of the new day. Feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. Behind Nghinh Phong cape are mountains, in front is the sea, this place is very suitable for camping trips to immerse yourself in nature. Sometimes you even see couples stopping by to take wedding photos

Address: No. 1 Ha Long, Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

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Ho Tram

In addition to Ho Coc, Ho Tram is also a place for many young people to come here to take photos and preserve their own youthful moments. With rustic monkey bridges, moss-covered boats, clear water or smooth white sand beaches… Ho Tram is located in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This is a coastal strip located between Binh Chau and Long Hai districts. In recent years, tourism in Ho Tram has just begun to develop. That’s why it is not as bustling and noisy as other beaches, but has the beauty of clear blue sea and sky, long white sand beaches and especially very cheap seafood. Ho Tram beach is very wild and was once ranked among the most beautiful wild beaches in the world voted by an American magazine. The sea here is clear blue, surrounded by beautiful wild scenery. Going along the coast, you will see the stretching green poplar forest.

Sitting on the shore with the wind making the leaves rustle on one side and the sea waves whispering on the other, people’s souls feel like they are young again, strangely peaceful. Taking pictures or having fun here is absolutely amazing. Make sure you go once and you’ll want to come again. The taste of the sea along with the peaceful, wild atmosphere easily lingers in people’s hearts. On the beach, tourists can organize camping sessions. The things you need to bring are a tent, water, grill… This is a great outdoor camping trip. Another interesting experience is boiling eggs in a hot water well. You can buy eggs at the stream area for 5k/egg, then borrow a basket of eggs and go to the well to boil them. When the eggs are cooked, take them out and soak them in hot water while sipping.

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