Top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Nghe An province

Nghe An is a spiritual region with outstanding people. This place not only has majestic, magnificent and poetic nature, but the people are also very proud and heroic. Coming to Nghe An, you will not only be able to see the beautiful sea, explore the primeval forests of Pu Mat, Pu Huong, swim in Cua Lo, Quynh Phuong, Dien Chau, Nghi Thiet beaches, but also admire many other tourist attractions. Cultural history – the mark of countless historical events and cultural values created by the people of Nghe An in the long history of humanity. Coming to Nghe An, you can visit 7 famous tourist destinations below!


Sen Village

Sen Village is located in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province – a land of sunny and windy Central region. It is also here that, more than half a century has passed, I don’t know how many footsteps the children of our homeland have come to with deep respect and emotion in their souls. This is also one of the four most important relics in the country about the beloved leader of the Vietnamese people and is also the pride of the people of Nghe An.

When visiting Lotus Village, there is a large lotus pond at the beginning of the village, passing through the lotus pond is Coc well. Here, as a child, Uncle Ho often went to fetch water, fish and have fun with friends in the village. Behind the shady green bamboo fence is the simple, simple, five-room thatched-roof house of the family of Deputy Bang Nguyen Sinh Sac, father of President Ho Chi Minh.

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Cua Lo Beach - Cua Lo town

Cua Lo is one of the most beautiful beaches in our country in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province, 16 km northeast of Vinh City, more than 300 km from Hanoi capital. Cua Lo Beach is wide and long, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Lam River flows into Cua Hoi, the strong flow into the East Sea follows the ocean current towards the south, carrying a lot of silt so that Cua Lo beach is blue all year round, the sea water is clear and you can see even the sand. Cua Lo seawater is not salty but moderate, suitable for bathing and swimming.

Cua Lo at night has the image of a city undulating on the sea. Tourists can catch a basket boat and go out to sea with the fishermen, drifting on the night sea to catch the squid myrtle that is hypnotized by the light. At night, Cua Lo becomes more and more alive with a diverse world, both a fishing village and a new tourist area, offering dining and many impressive entertainments. When night comes, the lights that illuminate the fish are still long, giving the sea a sparkling, magical beauty.

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Thanh Chuong tea hill

One of the places that tourists often choose when they have the opportunity to visit Nghe An is Thanh Chuong Tea Hill. This location is located in Lao Wind Tourist Area, Hamlet 8, Thanh An Commune, Thanh Chuong, Nghe An. Thanh Chuong tea hill is located in the western region of Nghe An – a place with an extremely hot and dry climate, but the air is especially cool when you stop at this tea hill. Coming here, you will have a panoramic view of the hills covered with the endless green color of tea trees, and the lakes reflecting the color of tea. The fresh air at Thanh Chuong tea hill will make you feel extremely relaxed.

There are many options here for tourists’ sightseeing purposes. Tourists can stand on the tea hills and admire the vast scenery, or buy tickets to take a boat or motorboat around the tea hills. Thanh Chuong tea hill is considered by tourists to be a beautiful tea oasis for you to freely take virtual photos, so it is quite crowded during the tourist season.

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Khe Kem Waterfall - Con Cuong

Khe Kem Waterfall, also known as Kem Waterfall, brings the wild beauty that nature bestows on Pu Mat National Park. The waterfall is about 20 km south of Con Cuong town, Nghe An province. Many scientists doing research here have confirmed that Kem waterfall is the most primitive waterfall in Vietnam.


Thai people here call Kem waterfall Bo Bo, meaning white silk strip. Looking up from the foot of the waterfall, you will feel the stream flowing endlessly with white foam, like a long strip of white silk. Blending in that magical white color is a clear, cool stream with the songs of all kinds of birds or the laughter of ethnic girls.

Above and on both sides of the waterfall is a carpet of vegetation with flowers blooming all year round. Each season has a different type of flower, making you feel like you are lost in a garden of giant flowers. At the foot of the waterfall is a long stream with flat stones like large tables, serving as a resting place for you. At the foot of the waterfall there are small lakes of varying shallowness and depth, creating a wonderful natural landscape. In the summer, the temperature at the waterfall area is 20 degrees Celsius, very cool. Seen from a distance, the natural landscape blends beautifully like a watercolor painting.

Traditional Thai cuisine is something we will not be able to miss during our visit here. We can mention dishes such as grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled meat, five-color sticky rice, croissants, cham cheo, bamboo-tube rice, bamboo shoots, leaf yeast wine, cool fish… All dishes are prepared by chefs. skillfully prepared by the Thai people here.

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Sunflower field - Nghia Dan

In recent years, the sunflower field in Nghia Dan has always been an extremely hot tourist destination not only for Nghe An people in particular but also for the whole country in general. From Hanoi to Nghia Dan district will take about 5-6 hours by car. At all major bus stations in Hanoi such as Giap Bat, Nuoc Ngam, My Dinh, there are buses running regularly to Nghe An for about 170,000 VND/way. Coming to Nghia Dan, you can take a bus, taxi or rent a motorbike taxi to Nghia Son and see the sunflower fields. Or from Hanoi, you can ride a motorbike along Ho Chi Minh Road, which takes about 4-5 hours (240km) to go straight to the sunflower field.

Visiting the sunflower field in Nghia Dan, you will be lost in a magical world with millions of colorful flowers. On a large area of over 30 hectares, the flower beds are planted one after another so you can freely relax. Not only is it a source of raw materials for production, this sunflower field also creates a beautiful landscape, in harmony with nature, for the mountainous land of Nghia Dan.

Coming to the sunflower field, in addition to preparing photography equipment, you can rent a ladder to take beautiful panoramic photos. Girls, don’t forget to bring a few elegant dresses to capture beautiful images with flowers. Visiting the sunflower field is free, so please be careful not to pick flowers, break branches, maintain hygiene and park your car in the parking lot to avoid traffic jams.

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Tham Om Cave - Quy Chau

Possessing many scenic spots, as well as historical and cultural relics, Quy Chau land has been and will be an ideal destination for tourists who like to learn and explore the cultural values of ethnic groups as well as Enjoy and immerse yourself in nature. When talking about Quy Chau, Nghe An, everyone will immediately think of Tham Om Cave. According to scientific research, this was the first living place of the ancient Vietnamese people.

Tham Om Cave is located in Quy Chau district, Nghe An province and is said to be a beautiful cave created by nature in a variety of ways. Located in the majestic limestone mountains of Quy Chau district, about 7km from Road 48, Tham Om is a very beautiful natural cave with a diverse structure. The cave still retains its natural wildness with rough cliffs and many strange shapes.

Archaeologists have examined and discovered stone and bronze artifacts, fossilized animal bones and teeth here. This proves that this place has traces of ancient Vietnamese people about 200,000 years ago. And the data also shows that the Tham Om people were the first ancient Vietnamese people to live in our country. Here, archaeologists have discovered many artifacts that prove that ancient Vietnamese people once lived here. Currently, Tham Om cave still has many wild features and is continuing to be renovated to welcome tourists.

Coming to Tham Om Cave, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of ancient Vietnamese people and explore the tools and life of ancient people. A great opportunity to improve your historical knowledge.

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Truong Bon historical relic site

Truong Bon historical relic site is one of the attractive destinations of Nghe An province in particular and the country in general. Located in My Son, Do Luong, Nghe An. Since coming into operation until now (2014-2019), Truong Bon has experienced certain difficulties in the early period of its establishment. Based on its functions and tasks, along with the efforts of the whole team, the Relic Site Management Board has achieved important achievements, becoming one of the most attractive spiritual tourist destinations. of the whole country. That is confirmed when the Relic Area has been and is being invested and developed by the Party, State, departments, businesses and individuals.

With good implementation of the work of welcoming tourists and constantly innovating methods, the number of visitors coming to pay tribute and study is increasing. According to statistics, since its establishment, there have been many tourists visiting. In 2018, the Relic Site Management Board welcomed and served 172,832 other visitors. In May 2019 alone, despite the intense heat of the Central region, the Management Board welcomed nearly 15 thousand people to Truong Bon to pay tribute to the heroic martyrs. The special thing is that there are not only tourists from within and outside the province but also international tourists.

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Bai Lu Resort - Nghi Loc

Bai Lu Resort is a high-class eco-tourism area located in Nghi Yen and Nghi Tien communes in the northeast of Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province. This place with the natural landscape bestowed by the Creator is majestic and full of poetic inspiration. Bai Lu Resort is located 270 km from Hanoi capital, 12 km from Cua Lo. From Vinh airport to Bai Lu is only 15 km and from Vinh station is 20 km. With a convenient location, tourists from centers and major cities throughout the country can reach Bai Lu by 4 convenient routes: road, railway, waterway and air.

Bai Lu Resort was constructed in 2005 and officially opened on May 14, 2008. This is an independent eco-tourism area meeting 4-star international standards with 135 luxury rooms divided into 2 areas: 79-room coastal villa area and 56-room hillside villa area.

Compared to Da Lat on the sea, Bai Lu Resort is a resort designed with adjacent separate villas, arranged in harmony with the natural landscape. With an emphasis on nature, the bedrooms have sea views and are nestled in a system of green trees and garden lawns that will be a great place to relax after tiring days of work.

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Sheep fields

The sheep field in hamlet 11, Bao Thanh commune, Yen Thanh (Nghe An) is a Nghe An tourist destination where you can hunt for a whole set of photos with thousands of likes. The harmonious natural scenery here, mixed with cool green mountains and hills accompanied by approachable sheep, will help you have many new experiences. Yen Thanh sheep field is very popular with young people. The number of sheep here can reach up to thousands. Sheep here are mainly raised for meat. Sheep often graze freely.

You will only have to pay a parking ticket of about 5,000 – 10,000 VND for motorbikes and 20,000 – 25,000 VND for cars, and there is no cost to visit the farm. This place is a lush green grass field located between the rolling mountain landscape and dreamy lake. In Yen Thanh sheep field, there is also a beautiful forest, just need to buy an outfit that matches the scene, boldly European.

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Pu Xai Lai Len peak

Along with the above locations, Pu Xai Lai Len Peak is also a name that cannot be ignored. is a famous “traveling” destination for many young people who like to travel when it comes to traveling to Nghe An. Coming here, you will definitely feel completely worth what you spent. Its name partly reflects the “artistic” and majesty of this place; with rolling mountains in a magical sea of clouds.

Many of you recently like to hunt clouds, or like to see panoramic views of mountain valleys from high mountainsides, perhaps Pu Xai Lai Len Peak is quite a suitable spot. Pu Xai Lai Len peak will definitely be a beautiful photography location in Nghe An, a place for you to freely “dance your lens” with the masterpiece of nature. Pu Xai Lai Len is a mountain in the Northern Truong Son range, with an outstanding peak, located on the Vietnam – Laos border. Pu Xai Lai Len is considered by many people to be Ta Xua of Tay Nghe An.

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