Top 10 most interesting activities when traveling to Da Lat

Da Lat, the land of flowers, a beautiful and romantic dream city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Coming to Da Lat today is not just about flower viewing and relaxation, but this place also has many extremely interesting activities, requiring a very high level of courage. What is that? We will find out below!


Swing over Datanla waterfall

Swinging over Datanla waterfall is one of the most attractive outdoor activities for those who are passionate about exploration, adventure and have a spirit of steel. Participating in this activity means you have to overcome the majestic Datanla waterfall, cliffs covered with sturdy vines. At that time, the feeling of conquering something out of reach is really exciting.
From above, looking down at each undulating rock covered with green moss, straight streams of water pouring straight into your face while your right hand really holds the rope tightly and moves skillfully and with difficulty step by step on that cliff, it is a miracle. Great challenge for participants. Once the waterfall is conquered, you will feel that what you spent was worth it. An endless majestic scene of mountains and forests mixed with fresh air brings a strange feeling of peace.

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Datanla waterfall slide

Also one of the activities associated with the majestic Datanla waterfall, the Datanla waterfall slide system has a length of 1,650m, winding through streams in the middle of the primeval forest to reach the foot of the majestic waterfall. . It can be seen that this extremely monumental investment has brought a new and attractive vitality to young people who love the mysterious beauty of mountains and waterfalls.

In this interesting activity, the especially attractive point is that players can freely adjust their sliding speed within the range of 50 – 80km/h. So, if you are a person who is passionate about charming scenery, just take your time and slide slowly. If you are a speed lover, you can rush like crazy in 1 to 3 minutes to complete the slide.

The slide here has 48 double cars (can seat up to 2 people), maximum speed reaches 40 km per hour, with handbrake to adjust speed. A few things to note when sitting in the car are not to stretch your arms or body out while moving at high speed.

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Conquer Lang Biang peak

LangBiang is known as the roof of Da Lat, not only possessing a majestic and charming nature but also a place to worship the eternal love of K’lang and H’biang. This beautiful mountain belongs to the LangBiang conservation area, one of the world’s biosphere reserves with an area of 275,439 hectares. Therefore, conquering LangBiang peak is also the dream of many people.

To be able to set foot on the roof of Da Lat, you can use a Jeep or use your own feet to cross the trail in the forest. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, conquering will be very exciting when you reach your destination. The vast pine forest with the Golden and Silver streams blurred in the mist will be a gift for the winner.

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High altitude journey game

Datanla Waterfall tourist area in Dalat always owns many adventurous games, but the most popular is the high altitude journey game. The game includes 6 levels from easy to difficult so players can adapt to the intensity of the adventure, increase the challenge as well as suit each type of player.

Corresponding to 6 levels are 80 challenges, including 60 challenges for adults, 20 challenges that children can play such as walking in the air, climbing in the air, flying in the air, etc. Each round is designed to gradually increase in difficulty so players can continue or stop.

The more difficult the challenge level means the higher the height. Experiencing different levels of challenges will bring different experiences. To participate in the game, you need to be equipped with proper protective equipment and listen carefully to the process and instructions of the coach.

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Kayaking is a fairly new activity for many people that requires players to be in good health. This type of activity is done on the Ba La River, where you need to brave whirlpools or rapids. After overcoming obstacles, it means winning yourself.

The point to note when participating in boating is that life jackets and helmets must be fully equipped, and absolutely follow the instructions of the coach and the boat ahead. Going through a long journey, crossing 11 rapids on the river not only gives you the feeling of excitement when overcoming difficult passages but also brings extremely interesting experiences during your trip.

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Camping in the middle of the mountains

What’s interesting to do in Da Lat? Camping overnight in Da Lat is an activity that many tourists love when coming to this city. Da Lat is among the ideal locations for camping activities because of its beautiful natural scenery and cool weather. The interesting point of camping in the forest is being able to build your own huts, gather firewood to make a fire to warm up, and enjoy a very carefree life in the wilderness. In addition to watching the sunset and welcoming the morning sunrise, you can also organize a campfire night combined with a very chill BBQ with friends. What could be more enjoyable than when your trip to Da Lat not only experiences the feeling of going on an expedition, but also truly being able to mingle with nature, right?

The most suitable time for camping is during the dry season from January to August. You should avoid the rainy season from September to the end of December because at this time the weather at night will be very cold. Visitors can choose to camp at Thien Phuc Duc hill or Bo island, to be able to combine it with “cloud hunting” in the early morning, taking unforgettable pictures of a lifetime with friends and relatives.

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Cloud hunting

Every late summer and early fall, trips to Da Lat will often include cloud hunting activities. This is one of the characteristics of the foggy city. Although it requires “cloud hunters” to wake up early to watch the moment of clouds on the top of the mountain, it is extremely worth it when it helps you admire the scenery. The scene is like being lost in paradise. Some popular rattan hunting areas include: Cau Dat tea hill, Dasar valley, Thien Phuc Duc hill, Da Phu and Hon Bo hills, Troc hill.

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Sauna and hot mineral spring bath

D’Lats tọa lạc tại hẻm số 31 Sào Nam, P.11, TP. Đà Lạt ngay khu Dã Chiến. Đây là một khu xông hơi kết hợp với quán cafe kết hợp và spa độc đáo. Phong cách của D’Lats Sauna khá gần gũi, ấm cúng nhưng vẫn giữ được nét sang trọng khi lấy gỗ làm chủ đạo.

Đặc biệt, ai đã từng ghé qua còn nghiền view đẹp mê ly ở đây với khung cảnh sinh động, khi bạn có thể phóng tầm mắt ra xa về một “Đà Lạt thu nhỏ” rất chân thực và vô cùng lãng mạn. Đặc biệt là vào buổi tối, khi những ngọn đèn ở “thung lũng đèn” được thắp lên, khiến cho cả một khoảng trời rực sáng rất đẹp mắt. Vừa xông hơi, vừa thưởng thức tách cà phê ấm nóng, thong thả ngắm ông mặt trời lười biếng núp bóng mình sau ngọn đồi phía xa sẽ là dịp để bạn có cơ hội giải tỏa những bí bức, những căng thẳng, lo toan nằm sâu tận đáy lòng.

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Cu Lan village and interesting stories

Nestled below, there is a village with a very strange name…Cu Lan Village. Try a high angle, from the top of Langbiang you will feel as if it were a picture in a fairy tale with small houses, colorful tiled roofs, surrounded by green and lush forests. There are also bunches of wildflowers and the banks of rivers flowing smoothly past each other.

Coming to Cu Lan Village, you will feel both new and familiar with the sounds of flowing streams, pine trees, birds singing and especially the gentle Cu Lan – “the animal that gives the village a name”. Outdoor activities, relaxing and immersing yourself in nature… fly a kite, ride a horse, hunt wild chickens, catch stream fish or have a fun evening in the sound of the mountains with the flickering campfire, enjoying the dance Gongs and try a cup of Can wine, enjoy some grilled forest dishes…

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Admiring the flower garden at night - an activity that only comes to Da Lat

Many people don’t know what to do in Da Lat? That is watching the flower garden at night. The night flower garden in Da Lat is actually Thai Phien flower village every night when the lights are on. Coming here, you will be able to see millions of flowers blooming with mist and dim light. Surely this scene will be the most memorable experience of your trip to the city of flowers.

Check out more places to go in Da Lat to have similar memorable experiences.

As the “capital of light at night”, the entire sky is lit up so brightly that there are no words to describe the sparkle of this place. If you look down from above, you can cover the whole city. Especially when night falls, when the romantic mist passes, each row of caged houses becomes even more romantic.

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