Top 10 most interesting paragliding places in Vietnam

Paragliding is one of the most favorite sports of people who love to travel, love to explore, and want to admire the full scenery from the air. This sport relies on wind power and movement in the direction of the player, so one must have gone through classes to be brave enough to participate. Vietnam’s landscapes, from rolling forests and mountains to pristine beaches, are everywhere enough to make a traveler’s footsteps fascinated. However, not every place is for tourists to conquer by paragliding. Every day Toplist hopes to introduce to you a lot of useful information and today will be the top most interesting paragliding places in Vietnam.


Langbiang peak

Langbiang – or Langbiang Mountain, or Langbiang Mountain tourist area are two mountains: Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain located 12 km from Da Lat city in Lac Duong district. Ba Mountain is 2,163 m high above sea level, Ong Mountain is 2,124 m high above sea level. Also in the tourist area is the 1,929 m high Radar hill. This hill is also a familiar place for tourists. Viewed from the center of Da Lat city, Ba Mountain is on the left, Ong Mountain is on the right. Langbiang is considered the “roof” of Da Lat, and is an attractive tourist attraction of Da Lat city.

Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Vietnam and was just deployed on Langbiang Mountain in early 2014. If you are a professional, you may not need training and are allowed to fly alone. On the contrary, the pilots will give brief instructions and you will fly with them, from the top of the Radar towards Dankia Lake.

After being carefully prepared, you just need to run a few steps from the slopes of Langbiang mountain and let the wind soar high like a fluttering bird’s wings, which is a feeling of thrill and excitement.

At this time, the high blue sky seemed closer, the scenery of the Langbiang mountain area gradually came into view, the rolling mountains followed each other as if endless, dotted with the red of the basalt strips, the yellow alluvial of the lake surface. wide expanse, of winding rivers… and you have truly conquered the sky of Da Lat.

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Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai is a small mountain town in the West, Yen Bai province, about 300km from Hanoi. With 220 hectares of terraced fields, of which 500 hectares of terraced fields in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh communes are recognized as one of the most unique and top-notch landscapes in Vietnam and are ranked as scenic relics. National level. Coming to Mu Cang Chai, you will be immersed in the golden scenery of sunshine and rice. You can see the “golden sea” of rolling rice fields radiating fragrance between the vast sky and earth.

When it comes to paragliding spots in Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is always the most prominent name. The scenery of the Northwest mountains and forests along with terraced fields, whether the rice is ripe or the water is pouring, has a strong attraction for tourists.

With an altitude of more than 1,000 meters in Mu Cang Chai, there’s nothing better than being able to take in the breathtaking views of the Northwest from above. During the “golden season”, paragliding is also chosen by many tourists.

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Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha Pass, located between Van Chan district and Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai is a long, winding and most beautiful pass chosen for the adventure sport of paragliding. This location is considered by pilots to be one of the four most beautiful flying spots in the country and the most beautiful flying spot among the 10 most beautiful flying spots in the world.

If you travel in the last days of September, you will see many domestic and international pilots, flight crews and technicians marching to the top of Khau Pha pass to prepare for the Parachute Festival. Hang Khau Pha. Especially young people who love to explore can experience the extremely uplifting feeling of flying over a layer of brocaded mountains and rivers, flying and seeing the entire scenic terraced fields of Yen Bai.

With a cost of about 5 million per person for those who did not register in advance, about 2 million for those who registered many days ago, each person can preserve the most interesting moments of autumn and the highlands. . Viewed from paragliding, below is a beautiful, colorful picture. Seen from the ground, the parachutes dot the vivid images against the blue sky. Amidst the sunlight, amidst the autumn breeze, emotions surged in indescribable joy.

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La Pan Tan commune

La Pan Tan is a small commune about 16km from Mu Cang Chai. Just the name La Pan Tan really makes an impression. Besides Khau Pha pass, La Pan Tan commune also attracts many tourists. Be ecstatic with the beautiful hills and poetic, lyrical terraced fields, especially the specialty “raspberries” that stand out in the middle of the valley. Makes it impossible for anyone to forget when coming here.

With a cool highland climate and clear weather. The rainy season starts early in April and ends in September, the brilliant raspberry fields and golden rice fields are the most beautiful time of the year. Tourists come here not only to participate in paragliding activities, but also to capture impressive moments with the nature of Mu Cang Chai. With its beauty, La Pan Tan attracts many tourists and paragliders.

The flight point in La Pan Tan commune is the famous raspberry hill area. If you fly from above, visitors will see the vast, majestic beauty of the mountains and forests and the most beautiful terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai. In addition, when new flight points come into operation, it will reduce traffic congestion and disperse gathering points for old flight points; At the same time, creating a tourism chain in Mu Cang Chai district.

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Bu Hill

Bu Hill is one of the most popular tourist destinations and for paragliders, this is the ideal place to start their journey to conquer the mountain peaks in Vietnam. With cool and crisp weather and fresh air, Doi Bu is considered a paradise of reed grass. When the right time comes, the reed grass begins to bloom, blooming white combined with the sunlight at dawn. Or in the afternoon, add orange-yellow pigment to the reeds, creating a lyrical, romantic scene. The take-off point with gentle terrain and beautiful scenery is a favorite paragliding spot for pilots in the North.

Do you love aerial sports? Do you like to see the city from above? Coming to the paragliding experience at Doi Bu mountain, you will admire the majestic landscape of the Northern mountains and forests from above. The best part is that you don’t need to have paragliding experience because there will be a guide with an international license to assist you within 10 minutes of flying! Isn’t it great!

Besides paragliding, this place is also a suitable stop for young people who love experiences, camping, and picnics. You should prepare adequate food and drinks. Because, on Bu hill, there is no business of food – drink – sleeping – rest services.

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Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is a place that attracts many tourists when they first set foot in Da Nang City. Known as the precious gem of this city because of the difference in terrain and territory, this place is also an attractive paragliding spot that many paragliders enjoy and come here to experience.

If you love adventure sports and aim to fly through the sky on a wind-filled paraglider once in your life, then quickly make it come true with the paragliding experience from Son Tra peninsula. in DaNang. Uniqueness, excitement mixed with thrill, and a breathtaking panoramic view of Da Nang from above are what this paragliding experience will bring to you.

From a height of 600m, your paraglider will fly with the wind and fly in the space between the sky and the blue sea. This is one of the most interesting and unique experiences in Da Nang because you will feel like you are flying in the sky with your own wings.

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Vien Nam Mountain

Vien Nam Mountain is a historical place associated with the war against Northern invaders after AD. Vien Nam is also a place associated with later uprisings against the French colonialists. Vien Nam Mountain is about 44km west of Hanoi center. The paragliding area at Vien Nam Mountain (Hoa Binh province) attracts tourists to experience and explore on weekends. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Da River and Vien Nam mountain from the air.

Vien Nam Mountain not only has beautiful landscapes but also has suitable terrain for parachute flying, allowing you to enjoy the view of green rice fields and vast forests in the distance. Flying in the sky at an altitude of 700m on the first day of summer, gliding between the vast sky of Muong country, feeling the strong breeze of Vien Nam mountain, surely paragliding will bring visitors a wonderful experience. only one.

If you want to ‘escape’ the city and challenge yourself with new experiences, a paragliding session at Vien Nam Mountain will be the ideal choice for tourists on the weekend.

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Hoanh Bo Mountain

Hoanh Bo flight point is located in Son Duong commune, former Hoanh Bo district, now Son Duong commune, city. Ha Long, Quang Ninh province is about 15km northwest of Ha Long city. Paragliding in the Hoanh Bo hills is definitely an unforgettable experience for anyone, especially foreign guests who love adventure travel, when coming to Quang Ninh.

Previously, little was known about Hoanh Bo because it was still in its infancy and had not yet developed its tourism industry. Tourists will be attracted by the natural beauty of the mountains and forests, the cave system and the unique culture of the local ethnic groups.

Hoanh Bo is an important and familiar place for paragliders because of its beautiful mountain ranges with comfortable slopes and an ideal take-off site for pilots to fly side by side and XC. Your parachute trip in Hoang Bo is not simply a trip to conquer the sky. You can experience much more than that. And it is certainly especially suitable for those who love adventure. In addition, you can combine the paragliding experience at Hoanh Bo with famous attractions of Quang Ninh such as tours in Ha Long, Osen Quang Hanh bathing service…

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Bai Nha Mountain

One of the most beautiful and popular skydiving locations in the North is Bai Nha mountain peak located in Ngoc Son commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province.

Bai Nha stands tall in front of the vast green space of mountains, hills, grass and trees, catching the wind that carries the scent of heaven and earth. From Bai Nha Peak, paragliders can comfortably admire the green space of vast mountains and forests or eye-catching fields. Bai Nha Peak is also where many famous paragliding competitions in the North regularly take place.

Therefore, Bai Nha Mountain meets all the necessary conditions for paragliding. Players come here to launch themselves into the air, capturing their small image amidst the great mountains and sky. Surely you will have a great album from the sky!

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Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beach is considered a resort paradise for travel enthusiasts. Nha Trang beach is like a crescent moon covering Nha Trang bay. The beach is vast and blue. In the distance, large and small waves are approaching the shore, making an endless murmuring sound. Lying on the white sand beach, watching the vast blue sky and soaking in the warm sunlight, while the flow of people passing by creates a vivid, colorful picture. Not only that, this place is also an attractive paragliding spot in Vietnam.

Currently, you can try to experience this thrilling game in Nha Trang at many tourist destinations. However, the main focus is still on places with seas and islands. Paragliding in Nha Trang is being organized by many famous tourist destinations such as: Bai Dai beach, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Doc Let, Hon Tam, Chin Khuc mountain, Khanh Le pass,…

For this Nha Trang beach sport, there will be 2 forms of play for you to choose from: flying alone and flying in pairs. The duration for each flight is only 10 minutes, so try to make the most of this time to admire the beautiful scenery from above. Depending on the number of players, paragliding fees will vary. A round of play for 1 player will cost from 500k – 600k.

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