Top 10 must-visit tourist destinations when coming to Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh – Vietnam has many fun places, in addition to the famous Ha Long, don’t forget the recently emerging tourist destinations in Mong Cai city. What to eat and where to stay in Mong Cai? Please read the article below with Travel Vivu to find the answer to the above question!


Vinh Thuc Island

Away from the bustling and crowded life of the city, boarding a boat to Vinh Thuc, visitors cannot help but be surprised and delighted with the intact beauty of this island. Not yet affected by mass tourism services, Vinh Thuc Island offers tourists interesting experiences, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy and mingle with rustic and idyllic nature.

Visitors can walk on Dau Dong beach and Ben Hen beach to feel the cool, clear water and admire the beautiful scenery that heaven and earth have bestowed on the island. If you go on vacation, don’t go to Vinh Thuc. That’s right, Vinh Thuc does not have luxury resorts, nor does it have “sky-high” priced services. Vinh Thuc tourism is the “backpacking tourism” that we often hear about, because Here you can only sleep in a local house or set up a camping tent on the island. This is also a way to help you get acquainted and understand more about the culture and people here. Surely you will be satisfied by the enthusiasm and hospitality of the people on the land of Vinh Thuc.

Especially, don’t forget to enjoy the rustic dishes and specialties of this beautiful island!

Address: an island in Quang Ninh province, about 20 km south of Mong Cai city center

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Tra Co Beach

Tra Co is known as “the most lyrical beach in Vietnam” because it has fine white sand and fresh blue water. Tra Co Beach is a place where visitors find a peaceful, poetic feeling and freely let their souls into the wind. The cool climate, rich scent of the sea and quiet space help Tra Co “win” many tourists. Like Vinh Thuc, Tra Co does not have the presence of commercial services, with very few shops and street vendors. If you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you can buy it right on the beach when the fishermen come back from fishing. A very interesting thing that not every beach has.

Coming here during the summer, visitors can also participate in the “Tra Co Good Festival” taking place at the beginning of the sixth lunar month. This is also one of the jubilant and largest festivals of coastal fishermen in the Northern region.

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Da Den Beach

In the journey to explore the homeland, Da Den beach (also known as Ngoc Son beach) will be an interesting destination that tourists should visit. The reason for the name Da Den beach is because there are many black rocks stacked on the sand. This unique feature of nature has brought a different and attractive beauty to this tourist destination. The black rocks look like the fingers of Jade Mountain reaching out to embrace the clear blue beach. More specifically, the sea water here seems clearer, feeling like you can see the bottom of the sea.

After swimming and taking photos at Da Den beach, visitors can go to the casuarina forest to hang a hammock to relax or go to thatched houses built by business households here to sip a cool glass of coconut water. . For those who enjoy fishing, Da Den beach is also a place worth choosing. Because according to local people, there are many types of fish in this area and you only need to cast bait for a while for the fish to bite.

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Tra Co Church

If Tra Co beach is known as the “most lyrical beach in Vietnam”, Tra Co church is known as the largest and most beautiful church in the Northeast region of our country. Built in the 80s of the 19th century, up to now, Tra Co church is hundreds of years old. With sophisticated architectural lines: the structure is built of ironwood, the walls are covered with limestone mixed with shells, the yard is graveled and carefully tiled. In particular, inside the church, people decorate it quite elaborately with elaborate wall reliefs and an impressive altar with very delicate patterns.

It can be said that when coming to Mong Cai, Quang Ninh and not taking the time to visit Tra Co church, it would be the most regrettable thing. Tra Co Church is beautiful in its own way, soulful in its own way, lively in its own way and makes any tourist who has the opportunity to visit bring with them in their memories unforgettable beautiful images and sayings. The happy and sad stories associated with it cannot be erased.

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Thien Hau Thanh Mau Temple

Thien Hau Thanh Mau Temple is also known as Tra Co Temple because this temple is located in Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province. The temple was built to worship the statue of Thien Hau. Legend has it that this statue floated from the sea to Tra Co, so the people here built a temple to worship that sacred statue. Thien Hau Thanh Mau Temple is visited every year by many tourists from all over.

In addition to the precious statue, the temple also has a sacred treasure, an ancient vegetarian tree over 700 years old and a fairy well next to the temple. Legend has it that drinking water will dispel all worries and sorrows. Every year, on the 23rd day of the third lunar month, the temple festival is held, a large number of local people and tourists from all over come to attend the festival.

Address: Trang Lo, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

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Cai Chien Island

Mong Cai, Quang Ninh has a treasure trove of beautiful natural landscapes. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Cai Chien Island leans and stretches south of Hai Ha. Cai Chi is a beautiful and peaceful beach. In recent years, Cai Chien has also been one of the tourist destinations that young people pay attention to when planning to go to the beach.

There are many fun places on Cai Chien island, including: Dragon Dau beach, Van Ca beach, Cai Chien beach, Khe Dau lake, Thoi Xanh island, container house area. Dragon Head Beach has an extremely romantic casuarina forest, suitable for “virtual living”.

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Xa Tac Temple

Xa Tac Temple (formerly known as Xa Tac Dai Vuong Temple) is one of the oldest historical relics of Mong Cai city. Xa Tac Temple is like a lasting cultural “landmark” that affirms national territorial sovereignty, engraves the historical mark of our ancestors in the past, calms the land and affirms the characteristics of cultural and religious activities. threshold of the Vietnamese people in the border areas of the Fatherland.

This temple was built in the style of the word “cong”. The main material to build the temple is ironwood. The roof of this temple is covered with dragon scale tiles, the walls are brick. The temple is built with two floors and eight roofs with traditional, sophisticated carved patterns, and the roof is covered with funny-nosed tiles. If you have the opportunity to come to Mong Cai, you must definitely stop by Xa Tac Temple to admire the Vietnamese pagoda architecture.

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Tran Phu Walking Street

Tran Phu Walking Street is also one of the evening entertainment places when coming to Mong Cai city. Built and developed in the heart of Mong Cai city center, two walking streets connect shopping centers, food courts with relaxation and entertainment spaces, creating attractive tourist destinations not only for residents. local but also with tourists. This is a free entertainment tourist destination for everyone. From the elderly to young people, children all have their own play space when coming to Mong Cai walking street.

There are many fun and entertaining activities for young people here, as well as many fashion and souvenir stalls and a food court. Tran Phu Walking Street arranges stalls and areas selling various types of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, including many products under the Mong Cai brand such as white-legged shrimp, Tra Co crab and Mong pig. Female. What’s better than going for a walk at night and then stopping by a restaurant to scoop up spoonfuls of ice cream or eat steaming hot grilled meat skewers? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Address: Tran Phu ward and Hoa Lac ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

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Vinh Trung Island

Vinh Trung Island is the next name that Toplist wants to introduce to you. Vinh Trung Island does not develop tourism too aggressively, but the natural landscape on this island is still enough to conquer tourists. This place has a beach about 2km long, with fine white sand, as beautiful as some famous beaches in the province such as Tra Co – Mong Cai, Quan Lan – Van Don. Coming here, you will find peaceful and poetic moments, to immerse yourself in the sun, the wind and admire the rare romantic picture on the S-shaped strip of land.

Vinh Trung Island has many undulating rocky dunes in the sea, creating diverse shapes, creating a wild beauty that has not been explored or renovated by human hands. In addition to the majestic and beautiful natural scenery that attracts the eye, Vinh Trung Island also gives tourists the opportunity to admire and explore the extremely rich flora, especially the Thanh Mai, Tu Ve, and Sea Pineapple trees. … People on Vinh Trung Island are friendly and enthusiastic to welcome tourists every year.

Address: Vinh Trung, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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Sa Vi Cape

Along with the above locations, Sa Vi Cape is also a must-visit destination for tourists when visiting Mong Cai – Quang Ninh. Located in Tra Co ward, Mong Cai, Sa Vi Cape is the starting point. Northeastern tip of the country. Sa Vi cultural tourist destination is one of the tourist destinations that many tourists visiting Mong Cai cannot miss. This location is considered a large-scale work that carries the symbolic image of the Fatherland at the land border and has a unique cultural architecture. There is a bas-relief of three pine trees rising straight to the sky.

During the journey, visitors can also see beautiful small houses. There are walls that have grown moss over the years, and many houses seem to be located close to the estuary, still standing strong. Surrounding the coast are rows of poplar trees that cover the land, protecting the land and people in a place where the climate is harsh and stormy. Many tourists come to Sa Vi Cape to find the feeling of welcoming the sunrise at the front line of the Fatherland, fully feeling the beauty and majesty of the country. There are also many virtual living corners here for you to check in with thousands of liked photos.

Address: Tra Co, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

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