Top 10 winter tourist destinations in the North you should not miss

Finally, the winter that many young people have been waiting for has arrived. Winter is not only the season to find “bears”, to gather friends around to eat and drink, winter is also the season to “pack your backpack and go”! No need to look far, right in the heart of the North of our country, there are tourist attractions as beautiful as any European country!


Ha Giang

When it comes to tourism in the winter months, we cannot ignore the land of buckwheat flowers. When winter comes, Ha Giang seems to be wearing a new color, the color of flowers blooming all over the mountains and hills. The most ideal time to travel to Ha Giang is October – December, this is the time when buckwheat flowers bloom on every road, creating a fairyland picture that is not found everywhere. In addition to buckwheat, coming to Ha Giang in the winter, you can also enjoy the cold wind in the Dong Van rocky mountain plateau. Some highlands like Meo Vac, when the temperature drops, can also have snow and ice, which is worth looking forward to.

Coming to Ha Giang this season, don’t forget to stop by and enjoy the unique dishes of ethnic minorities here such as: Au Tau porridge, five-color sticky rice or smoked pork… guaranteed to eat once and remember forever. . Winter in Ha Giang is very cold, so every winter, the already slow and peaceful life in the highlands of the Northeast seems to slow down a beat, extremely suitable for relaxation and recreation. relieve stress.

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Ta Xua - Son La

Ta Xua, located in Son La district, is one of the charming destinations in Northern Vietnam, especially in winter. With majestic landscapes, pristine mountains and unique cultural identities of ethnic minorities, Ta Xua attracts tourists with memorable experiences. Located in the Northwest region of Vietnam, Ta Xua in winter is often covered with white snow, transforming into a beautiful picture. This is the ideal place for nature and photography lovers to enjoy poetic and unique natural landscapes.

Exploring Ta Xua Mountain not only brings the opportunity to challenge yourself in difficult trekking and hiking journeys but also helps visitors come into contact with the lives of ethnic minority villages. Hmong, Thai, Mong and Dao villages with traditional houses and unique cultures are waiting for you to explore. In addition, visitors can enjoy rich and unique local cuisine at Ta Xua, such as armpit pig, bamboo-tube rice, sesame sticky rice cake, and many other delicious dishes. Ta Xua in winter offers visitors a quiet space, the opportunity to experience local culture, and satisfy their passion for exploring nature, creating a memorable travel experience.

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Sapa - Lao Cai

Sapa is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam and on cold days, Sapa becomes “hotter” than ever. When the days of November and December come, the sky is no longer clear. Furthermore, the clouds also become strangely silvery. Sapa suddenly covered itself with an illusory, poetic mist. Coming to Sapa, you will see the poetic beauty of the “land of fog”, the “cutting cold” and if you are lucky you will see snow falling – a scene that is not easily seen in life.

The fun thing about coming to Sapa in winter is sitting next to an open fire and enjoying the grilled specialties of this land such as salmon, eggs, chestnuts… Winter in Sapa doesn’t always have snow, sometimes it’s just snow. Just a few short days, but that alone is enough to make many people look forward eagerly, hoping to once again watch the snow fall and actually touch the smooth white snowflakes.

Besides, don’t forget to visit a highland market to buy colorful brocade weaving products as gifts for relatives and friends! Revealing that traveling to Sapa is not as expensive as people think, Sapa also has many affordable hotels with full amenities and prices that are quite “affordable”.

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Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai in winter also has a majestic, poetic and surprising beauty that makes visitors admire. Traveling to Mu Cang Chai in December, you will enter a “Vietnamese Winter love song” paradise, despite the bitter cold, with a quiet, peaceful and very poetic nature that is worth exploring. Not the famous golden ripe rice season of this mountainous area, winter in Mu Cang Chai is equally famous. If you want to see Mu Cang Chai from a different angle, a different beauty, you can choose to come here in October, November, December.

The cold has a sad and poetic beauty, blowing into Mu Cang Chai an east wind that makes people’s hearts flutter. At this time, visitors will be immersed in the scene of clouds covering the road halfway across the mountain, clouds floating, smoke in the distance… Not stopping there, in the middle of winter and at the end of winter people catch Meet a few red and yellow dots of wild sunflowers and poinsettias that adorn the picture of white mustard flowers blooming in the middle of the valleys. In addition, traveling to Yen Bai from September to November is quite suitable, at this time the rainy season in the Northwest has ended, the cold weather is very relaxing and pleasant.

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Ban Gioc Waterfall - Cao Bang

Cao Bang is also a great stop that you cannot miss if you have the opportunity to travel in winter. Cao Bang has many magnificent natural landscapes and attractive specialties that are very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Among the countless beautiful scenes that nature bestows on this land, Ban Gioc waterfall is a place that possesses many outstanding advantages suitable for tourism. Surrounding the lake are forests growing rocky mountains, creating a majestic natural landscape. Go to Cao Bang to see Ban Gioc waterfall in winter, the scene is considered extremely poetic.

During this season, the water flowing down from the waterfall is clear and blue, creating a unique and strangely attractive landscape picture. Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the four largest transnational waterfalls in the world, each season will bring its own unique beauty. Not too noisy and modern, everything here is pristine for you to relax after hard working days. The dry season of Ban Gioc Cao Bang waterfall starts in October and lasts until May of the following year. The waterfall at this time is not as fast and strong as it is in June, but instead has a more quiet, peaceful look.

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Mau Son - Lang Son

Along with Sapa, Mau Son is a place not to be missed for those who want to hunt snow. Located at an altitude of 1,541m above sea level, Mau Son’s temperature can drop to minus 2 – 3 degrees and is one of the first places to receive snow and ice in the country during cold winter days. No need to go too far, based in Lang Son, you can easily admire and enjoy the bitter cold of European winter. This makes Mau Son more attractive to tourists than ever. The cuisine here is also very rich and diverse with rustic dishes such as grilled honey chicken, roasted suckling pig, fragrant frog…

Not every year there is ice and snow on Mau Son peak. If visitors are lucky enough to come here on the snowy occasion, touching the snow will be an unforgettable experience. In winter, along with the landscape of villages hidden in the clouds, Mau Son also clearly shows the typical life of highland residents in the years when snow and ice appear. This rare season of ice and snow will be the perfect background for you to get photos with thousands of likes.

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Moc Chau - Son La

When winter comes, the Northwest mountains and forests, although hidden in mist, still have the joyful flavor of mountain flowers. One of the familiar choices of tourists in winter is Moc Chau. Moc Chau has many beautiful places, suitable for you to stop and explore. If you are a lover of the yellow color of mustard flowers, come to Moc Chau from November to February every year. The vast fields of mustard flowers blooming on the tea hills of On village, Tan Cuong are enough to make the heart calm and relaxed.

In addition, if you come to Moc Chau at this time, you can also see the streets lined with peach blossoms, plum blossoms, white cabbage, and wild sunflowers, which are also very interesting. Moc Chau is truly known as the flower land of the North. Perhaps because of the thousands of flowers here, tourists often like to visit Moc Chau in the winter, to feel the cold, watch the flowers bloom in the morning dew, and enjoy the poetic scenery. And not only sightseeing, visitors will also discover interesting cultural customs of ethnic minorities and enjoy unique and impressive dishes when visiting Moc Chau in winter.

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Ba Khan - Hoa Binh

Ba Khan is an interesting destination in Hoa Binh province, Northern Vietnam, that you should explore in winter. This region is about 150 km northwest of Hanoi and is famous for its majestic landscapes, clean environment, and a variety of tourist activities. In winter, Ba Khan transforms into a cold paradise, with covered pine forests creating a beautiful picture of snow cover. Visitors can participate in activities such as trekking through romantic forests, enjoying the space to immerse themselves in pristine nature, and even camping outdoors to experience life in the wild.

In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, Ba Khan also attracts tourists with unique cultural experiences. You can visit ethnic minority villages in this area, learn about their life and culture, visit traditional houses and enjoy unique specialties such as armpit pig, kitchen buffalo meat. , and passionate wine. Ba Khan in winter is an ideal destination to escape the noisy urban life, relax, and explore the wild beauty of the Northern mountains. Under the cold sunlight and the quiet feeling of nature, you will find true peace and satisfaction.

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Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc

If you love winter travel but are afraid to go far, Tam Dao is definitely the perfect choice because it only takes about 2 hours by car from Hanoi and you will be in the “Da Lat of the North”. Tam Dao’s weather is cool all year round, but only in the winter when you come here can you fully feel the majestic, quiet, misty atmosphere of an ancient town. Coming to Tam Dao, don’t forget to visit the very famous stone church in the town center and local specialties such as corn, potatoes, eggs, grilled meat and the delicious stir-fried chayote tops famous in the North.

After just two hours of riding a motorbike, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland where there are only clouds, mountains, tall pine trees, and fresh air that is completely different from the urban streets. Due to the high mountainous terrain (about 900m above sea level), the temperature in Tam Dao winter is often lower than the northern plains, this is an attractive time for many tourists. In addition, traveling to Tam Dao in winter is also suitable for those who like mountain climbing, trekking, cloud hunting and virtual check-in.

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Mai Chau - Hoa Binh

Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) is always peaceful and quiet. A place to help you get away from the noise of the city and immerse yourself in the nature of the mountains and forests to enjoy moments of relaxation after stressful working days. Mai Chau Plateau is also chosen by many tourists in winter because it is not too cold like Sapa or Mau Son. The first impression of this beautiful Mai Chau landscape is dreamlike peace, both wild and romantic and lyrical. Coming to Mai Chau, visitors can immerse themselves in the idyllic natural scenery with roads floating in the clouds, with patches of wildflowers blooming along the roadside…

And don’t forget to visit Lac village, an attractive place to explore the beauty here. Do you remember the verse in Tay Tien “In Mai Chau, when you are fragrant with sticky rice”, that’s right, Mai Chau cuisine is very famous for its sticky rice, chicken wrapped in seaweed leaves, steamed stream fish… Besides the cuisine in Mai Chau You can also enjoy the dances and sweet songs of Thai people, especially bathing in hot springs to forget the cold winter.

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